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Small Wiki Toolkits focus area introduced in the opening ceremony at Wikimania 2019

This page is a collection of toolkits intended to help potential technical trainers teach, and contributors learn a variety of skills (e.g., developing gadgets, running bots, training trainers, etc.) needed to support, maintain, and grow small wikis.

This project kicked off as a focus area at Wikimania Hackathon 2019 in Stockholm.

List of toolkits[edit]

You can browse through all the toolkits in the Category:Small wiki toolkits on Wikimedia Commons.

  • Developing community norms for critical bots and tools - Bryan Davis (slides, video)
  • Introduction to Lua for beginners - Doug Taylor, Mike Peel and Nicolas Vigneron (video Wikimedia Commons, video YouTube)
  • An introduction to Phabricator where the developers are - Andre Klapper (slides)
  • Extension Translate: How to use it? - Benoît Evellin (slides, source)
  • Introduction to Wikimedia Cloud Services - Andrew Bogott, Arturo Borrero, Bryan Davis (slides)
  • Wikimedia APIs - Srishti Sethi (slides, source)
  • User scripts and Gadgets workshop - Srishti Sethi (slides, source)

If you have an idea for building local technical capacity or you have developed a toolkit on a technical topic relevant for small wikis, please get in touch.

Developing toolkits[edit]

Here are some guidelines that you could consider for developing, documenting, and promoting a toolkit:

  • Upload your toolkit with detailed notes on Wikimedia Commons & add the Small wiki toolkits category. In the File Description, add a link to the PDF source if you are willing to let a potential trainer make a copy and modifications to the source. See for reference, the description section of these slides on Wikimedia Commons.

Past events with related activities[edit]

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