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We need interproject links badly. I explained what I was thinking about here :

Any time, a tool bar of interproject should be found, possibly some icons. When one clicks, he goes to the equivalent page in another project. For example, I mentionned the Fugu,

  • with a short description in wiktionary;
  • the biological and social description in Wikipedia,
  • some recipes in wikibooks
  • and possibly a whole set of images/sounds... in wikisources.

I talked about it around and only met approval.

The nl:wikipedia is currently having a conflict over interproject linkage, and the conflict was resolved by proposing this solution. See w:nl:Overleg sjabloon:Wikt

I put a feature request here : please support it.

I am looking for any developer ready to develop this very important feature. All projects are growing. We need not only to create information, but to make it available to all, to create a true network of information.

Please, give suggestions on how to do this best.

Anthere 19:36, 22 Oct 2004 (UTC)

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