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Jen paĝo pro KML-dosieroj kaj ilia uzado en MediaVikio kaj en Vikimediaj projektoj. Vidu la ĉi-subajn ligilojn por pli da informo pri la uzado de, aŭ diskuto pri, KML-dosieroj.

Wikimedia projects uses a variety of multimedia files to enhance content and explain concepts that are difficult to convey via text alone. Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files specify a set of features that can be displayed in compatible mapping or geospatial software, including web mapping services. KML files commonly accompany pages related to linear features such as roads, train lines, flight paths, and more.

Currently, KML (Q79587) files cannot be uploaded to Vikimedia Komunejo (Q565), or any other wiki (see Phab:T28059). As a work-around, the contents of KML file are stored as wikitext on a subpage of template Template:Attached KML (Q6690822). That template is used to generate links in an article to download the file, or view on a web-based mapping provider, using the raw version of the subpage containing the KML.

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  • mw:Maps – It will (should?) be possible to overlay KML layers onto the map [1]

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