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Kiwix Tanzania

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Kiwix Tanzania

Country codeTZ
Official language(s)Swahili , English

Kiwix4School is a project or initiative that focuses on bringing the benefits of digital education and knowledge access to the people of Tanzania. Kiwix is a free and open-source software that enables users to access educational content, including Wikipedia and other online resources, offline. In the context of Tanzania, where internet access can be limited and educational resources may be scarce, Kiwix plays a crucial role in making knowledge readily available to students, teachers, and the broader community.



The project is likely to involve the distribution of Kiwix software and educational content to schools, universities, and other educational institutions across the country. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide by providing offline access to a wealth of educational resources, thereby empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to improve their lives and contribute to the development of Tanzania.

Through Kiwix Tanzania the project organizers collaborate with local schools, institutions, and communities to ensure that Kiwix is effectively deployed and utilized. This project's mission is to make education more accessible, promote independent learning, and support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to quality education in Tanzania.

It is an initiative that leverages Kiwix technology to enhance education and knowledge accessibility in Tanzania, especially in areas with limited internet connectivity. It is a commendable effort to empower Tanzanians with the information and resources they need for personal and community development.


  • Provide offline access to educational resources.
  • Bridge the digital divide in Tanzanian schools.
  • Improve learning outcomes through accessible materials.
  • Empower teachers with effective resource integration.
  • Foster a culture of self-directed learning.
  • Enhance educational equity and inclusivity.
  • Strengthen community engagement in education.
  • Scale the project for broader impact.


  • Content aggregation and curation.
  • Offline content creation and packaging.
  • Teacher training workshops.
  • Distribution of offline content packages.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of project progress.
  • Feedback collection from teachers and students.
  • Continuous content updates and improvements.
  • Collaboration with content providers and educators.

History of Kiwix Tanzania


Kiwix Tanzania traces its roots to the dedication and vision of two remarkable individuals, Hussein Issa and Pellagia Njau.

Hussein, a passionate advocate for digital education and a Kiwix4school ambassador in Tanzania, recognized the pressing need for improved access to knowledge, especially in remote and underserved areas of the country. He was inspired by the transformative potential of technology in bridging the educational gap in Tanzania, a nation with diverse communities and limited internet access.

Pellagia, an experienced educator with a deep commitment to empowering young minds,girls in Tanzania shared Hussein's vision. Her background in Wikimedia activities,teaching and her understanding of the challenges faced by students and teachers in Tanzania further fueled her desire to make a difference.

Together, Hussein and Pellagia embarked on a mission to bring Kiwix, a powerful offline knowledge tool, to Tanzanian schools and communities. Their journey began with tireless efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of Kiwix in education. They engaged with local schools, universities, and like-minded individuals, building a network of supporters who believed in the power of knowledge.

Over time, their dedication bore fruit, as "Kiwix Tanzania" evolved into a dynamic project aimed at empowering students, teachers, and the community with offline access to a world of educational content. The project's activities expanded, including the distribution of Kiwix software and educational resources, with a focus on equitable education and inclusive learning.

Hussein and Pellagia's combined expertise, along with their commitment to making a positive impact, continue to drive "Kiwix Tanzania." Their journey is a testament to the power of passionate individuals who believe in the transformational potential of technology and education in  Tanzania.


  1. Kisutu Girls Secondary School
    • Kisutu Girls Secondary School stands as a testament to the transformative power of education in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Located on Kisutu Street in the heart of Ilala Municipal Council, this Government school has played a pivotal role in shaping the intellectual landscape of the region.
    • In collaboration with the Kiwix Tanzania project, Kisutu Girls Secondary School has successfully overcome the challenges of limited internet access and scarcity of educational resources. The project leveraged Kiwix, a free and open-source software, to provide students, teachers, and the community with offline access to a wealth of educational content, including Wikipedia and various online resources.
    • Established on 10th September 1951, Kisutu Girls Secondary School has a rich history of academic excellence. The school, owned by Tanzanian authorities, operates as a Day Only school, offering Form 1-6 classes. Its registration number, S.12, distinguishes it as a venerable institution dedicated to empowering the next generation with the tools for success.
    • As we celebrate the completion of the Kiwix Tanzania project at Kisutu Girls Secondary School, we also celebrate a community empowered by digital education and enriched by the wealth of information now at their fingertips.
    • Below are some pictures taken during the session
  2. Nala Secondary School
    • Nala Secondary School is a government-owned day school located in Nala Ward, Dodoma Council, Dodoma Region.
    • It was registered on 5/April/2005 and offers classes from Form 1 to Form 4. The school caters to students in their early secondary education (ages 13-17) and does not provide boarding facilities.
    • In collaboration with Nala Secondary School, our initiative introduces Kiwix software to this school.

Join us on this transformative journey as we make knowledge accessible to all, fostering a future where education knows no bounds.

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All individuals interested in joining the project are all welcomed!