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This page is the master page for all leaflets produced about the Wikimedia projects. If you need promotion material for wikimedia presentations at Events, maybe you can find one in your language here. If not you can translate one or write your own and contact one of the leaflet designers to do the layout. Please use subpages to add new versions ("Leaflet/project/language shortcut").

Please note that these files are not under a free license, but copyrighted material (at least if they contain a copyrighted Wikimedia logo). They can however be printed and distributed freely for promoting Wikimedia. (Back to Marketing)

Wikimedia (chapters)[edit]

Wikimedia Projects[edit]

See WMDOC/Commons leaflet.
See WMDOC/Wikibooks leaflet.
See WMDOC/Wikipedia leaflet.
See WMDOC/Wikisource leaflet.
See WMDOC/Wikiversity leaflet.
Wikimedia in general (user initiatives in countries which has no chapters) 
See Leaflet/wikimedia

Older versions[edit]

Wikimedia Nederland folder, v2 (June 2011)[edit]

Wikimedia Nederland folder, v2 (October 2007)[edit]

Dutch Wikipedia folder, v2 (October 2007)[edit]

Dutch Wikipedia folder, v1 (november 2006)[edit]

Esperanto (from 2004)[edit]

See Vikipedia proklamo

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