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Learning patterns/Track Wikipedia "Knowledge Leafage" of each trainee

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A learning pattern foreducation
Track Wikipedia "Knowledge Leafage" of each trainee
problemEducation programs should evaluate trainees, trainers, methods and education program itself, or they are not acceptable education, nor can evolve.
solutionBuild and use evaluation tools that track topics learned and used from trainees, then expand.
created on21 September, 2015

What problem does this solve?[edit]

It is not easy for a trainer, teaching a lot of trainees in Wikipedia, to have supervision of what they have heared, used, learned or forgotten. Teaching cannot evolve without evaluation.

What is the solution?[edit]

Start with simple self-evaluation for each trainee on topics, in private (=not on Wikipedia). Use hovering help on every topic if possible, to help trainees with resumption. Use a database to store. Evaluate over the self evaluation (having tracked topics teached, dates, trainers, trainees present). Use rubricks1234 for higher level evaluation. Push developers to make such tools for use with user accounts participating in education programs.

Use Visualeditor on table below, copy (ctrl+c) , paste (ctrl+v) and delete (del) stars to see how it feels like in wiki.

Level of difficulty
Beginner Intemediate Advanced
WikiEditor topics
Have heared it
/ seen it
Have done it Can do it I use it
Preview button
No indent using space
Separate paragraphs with double enter
Bold and italics
Article links
Retitled article links
Structuring with headings
Edit summary
Saving changes
Bulleted and numbered lists
Placing pictures
External links
Inline citations
Citations with ext. links
Citations appearance place
Citation templates
Reusing a citation
Reverse citation placement

Things to consider[edit]

  • Table above is only a simple example of self evaluation on topics, not to be really used as is.
  • Some topics might seem unneeded but have to be there to give positive feeling to trainee.

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