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Lingua Libre
Lingua Libre Service Civique 2022.
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WebpageLingua Libre/Service civique
StartedSeptember 2022
Duration6 months
HiearchyAdélaïde Calais WMFr
Rémy Gerbet WMFr

The 2022-2023 Service Civique on Lingualibre is a 6 months mission within Wikimedia France, Paris, aimed to advance Lingualibre's outreach and partnerships. A first phase would create supporting resources, testing and demonstrating communication avenues within the French ecosystem with the following axis:

  • Yes check.svg : Identify high potential institutional partnerships for Langues de France
  • Design an outreach campaign, materials, with Wikimedia France's co-workers ; iterate with Lingualibre's community
  • Launch this campaign

These experiences will be leveraged to expand outreach to other communities demonstrating some activity and potential for growth.

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