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Lingua Libre/Supports gathers all projects where Wikimédia France or other institutions provided human supports to the Lingua Libre project. It aims to give a quick view of each initiative's human resources, objectives, end results and possible associated reporting or documents. While not documented here, there are also plenty of volunteer initiative not documented below. For those, please visit Lingualibre Events page as a first entry point or contact the community.

2016 service civique on Francophonie with part-time on Lingualibre.

Lingua Libre Service Civique 2022.
Powered by Wikimédia France
WebpageBlog post by WMFr, 2021
MentoringAdélaide Calais (WMfr)

2019 service civique on Lingualibre (Interview)

  • Contact with French regional languages groups
  • Contact with Lo Congrès (Occitan)
  • Recommandation for future actions : expand contribution tools, valorisation tools for language consumers (sonotheque), UI redesign
  • Coordination with 0x010C for 2019 RecordWizard's UI redesign
  • Relations with INALCO, initiating ContribuLing
  • Relations with Plateforme Atlas

2021 Wikivalley freelance[edit]

2021 Campus Digital[edit]

On December 2021, Digital Campus lead a one week hackathon around lingua libre. Their instruction was to offer a practical interface allowing to listen to existing recordings and to put a tag on them. To facilitate the exercise, they will not link it to lingua libre, just create a file in which the reviewed recordings and their tags are stored.

Lingua Librist in Residence - 2IF[edit]

Lingua Librist in Residence for DDF - 2IF
Powered by Wikimédia France and Institut International pour la Francophonie (2IF)
WebpageBlog post by WMFr
StartMay 2019
EndedSeptember 2021
MentoringSebleouf, Noé

4 months internship at Institut International pour la Francophonie (Lyon, France), as a Lingua Librist in Residence for the Dictionnaire des Francophones project.

  • The main objective was to integrate Lingua Libre audio recordings into the Dictionnaire des francophones, and to improve Lingua Libre for future recordings.
  • Participation in community and technical discussions, proposition for changes on the website, and organization of a two-day hackathon for Lingua Libre developers.
  • Classification of DDF entries associated with regions into approximately 250 different Lingua Libre lists.
  • Presentation of Lingua Libre at two international events during the summer: ContribuLing and Wikimania.

MSc. Computer Science class of Toulouse[edit]

Lingua Libre audio analysis via Asteroid


Lingua Libre
Lingua Libre Service Civique 2022.
Mélody Xu YANG WMFr
Powered by Wikimédia France.
WebpageLingua Libre/Supports
StartSeptember 2022
EndedMarch 17, 2023 (6 months)
HiearchyAdélaïde Calais WMFr
Rémy Gerbet WMFr

The 2022-2023 Service Civique on Lingualibre is a 6 months mission within Wikimedia France, Paris, aimed to advance Lingualibre's outreach and partnerships.

A first phase would create supporting resources, testing and demonstrating communication avenues within the French ecosystem with the following axis:

  • Identify high-potential institutional partnerships for Langues de France
  • Design an outreach campaign, materials, with Wikimedia France's co-workers ; iterate with Lingualibre's community
  • Launch this campaign
  • Final report

These experiences will be leveraged to expand outreach to other communities demonstrating some activity and potential for growth.

Gallery of productions[edit]

2023 SignIt freelance[edit]

This Freelance was funded on budget from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research's Wikimédian in résidence in Toulouse University. Hugo en résidence proposed a lean, agile, small scale freelance to former developper 0x010C to restore the video recording chain, successfully.

2023 Wikirésidence[edit]

Urfist Occitanie
Wikimedien en résidence.Hugo en résidence
Powered by MESR, Wikimédia France, URFIST.
WebpageLingua Libre/Supports
StartFebruary 13, 2023
EndedFebruary 12, 2024
HiearchyMathieu Denel WMFr,
Rémy Gerbet WMFr

The Wikiresidence allows Hugo in résidence to lead several push on Lingualibre, with a dual volunteer and official stance. A focus was put on SignIt.

Date Event City Link
2023.05.28, 10:00–18:00 Forom des langues 2023 Toulouse – Démonstration IRL (stand),_Toulouse,_2023-02.jpg
2023.05.28, 14:00–16:00 Toulouse Hack Toulouse – Information à un public cible
2023.07.29, 09:30–10:00 COSCUP 2023 Taipei
2023.08.18, 17:40-17:45 Wikimania 2023 Singapore
2023.11.19, 10:30–11:00 Capitole du Libre Toulouse
2023.11.20, 14:00–15:00 CRL UT2J Toulouse

Other supports[edit]

Poslovitch (1)[edit]

Lingua Libre
Lingua Libre Internship 2023.Poslovitch
Powered by Wikimédia France.
WebpageLingua Libre/Supports
StartApril 17, 2023
EndedAugust 2023 (4 months)
HiearchyAdélaïde Calais WMFr, Michael
Rémy Gerbet WMFr

The 2023 Computer Science Intership on Lingualibre is a 4 months internship within Wikimedia France, Paris, aimed to audit the feasability of migrating Lingualibre's wikibase and its 800,000 items to the now available Wikimedia Commons wikibase.

Poslovitch (2)[edit]

The late 2023 web developement mission on Lingualibre ended on January 4th 2024. It aimed to revamp Lingualibre into a v3.0 Alpha minimal prototype standing on Python (Django) and JS (VueJS, Vite, NodeJS) stacks.

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List of Lingualibre temporary supports from Wikimedia France[edit]

  • Nicolas Lopez de Silanes – 2020 service civique
  • Pierre M. – 2023 dispatch on Lingua Libre