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Mass content adding/Steps

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This page should be used (at least) for the first times of the project Mass content adding. As this project is potentially huge, there are some steps which should be done so we can see what is necessary to do in the future.

The first project: Countries of the world[edit]

Using English Wikipedia for data and manual localization, we should make a project which should give to us a possibility to make articles for countries in all localized languages. Of course, some ideas would come during the work on the project.


  • Localization of the countries' names
  • Localization of the Infobox Country
  • Localization of sentences which should be added into the articles.
  • Making a bot for content adding.
  • Find (automatically or not) some important data related to specific Wikipedias: does some article have some content or not; if it doesn't have, localized sentences may be added to the article etc.
  • Reach a local communities consensus for semi-automatic content adding. The best idea is to have at least one person who is native speaker of the specific language.
  • Add a content.
  • Analyzing the project results and trying to generalize project parts which would be possible to be generalized.