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This page is a translated version of the page Meta:MetaProject to transfer content to and the translation is 37% complete.

The website has been set up as a place to hold all information about the MediaWiki software (the wiki software that Wikimedia websites run on) in general, while holds information pertaining to all Wikimedia projects, including help pages based on the extensions and settings applicable on Wikimedia sites. This page exists to co-ordinate the transfer of meta-wiki articles to

Strony, które powinny należeć do

Poniżej wymienione rodzaje zawartości powinny być oznaczane do przeniesienia do

  • Dokumentacja techniczna (np. ustawienia konfiguracyjne, schematy baz, itp.)
  • Rozszerzenia MediaWiki
  • Dyskusje deweloperów i o funkcjach.
  • Informacje o aktualizacji, instalacji i planach odnośnie oprogramowania.
    • Informacje o instalacji zostały już prawie w całości przekopiowane, mogły pozostać pojedyncze strony.
  • Zdjęcia powiązane z powyższymi artykułami (szczegóły niżej)
  • Szablony i kategorie z powyższych stron.
  • Strony dyskusji powyższych (nie wymagają oddzielnego flagowania - zostaną przeniesione automatycznie).

...and possibly others. Please add to this list.

For pages in the Help namespace (largely these are the pages in Help:Contents and :Category:English documentation) there are complications: on the Help namespace is for public domain pages, and the help page system is multilingual. See also the talk page and Help:MediaWiki help policy.

Licencje MediaWiki

Most content on will be licensed under the GFDL, so it is possible to directly move content from here to there.

There is also a 'PD Help' project to set up a set of public domain help pages for inclusion with the MediaWiki software. These are located in the Help: namespace. We cannot simply transfer pages from meta into to the PD Help, as the licenses are not compatible. Anyway this project aims to create a "compressed user guide, not a reference work".

Jak przenosić strony

This page should be moved to
Please do not move the page by hand. It will be imported by a administrator with the full edit history. In the meantime, you may continue to edit the page as normal.
  • Any pages that belong on should have the template tag {{MoveToMediaWiki}} added to the top. Note that it should be added to each individual page, not to included templates. Templates that need moving should have the tag added within a <noinclude> section. (The tag appears as shown to the right.)
  • This will also automatically place the page in Category:Pages to be exported to
  • Administrators at will use the transwiki process to import pages that have been flagged for transferral. This will be done manually and should obey the following protocol:
    • Do not move any page that has not been displaying the 'MoveToMediaWiki' template for at least 2 weeks. This allows people to voice their objections.
    • Do not move any pages into the Help: namespace - the license is incompatible.
  • Here are the steps an administrator should take to move the page:
    1. Use the Special:Import page to transwiki the content to meta. This will retain the full page history.
    2. Move the page at to its appropriate location if necessary and delete the redirect.
    3. Replace the contents of the page here on meta with {{MovedToMediaWiki}} or {{MovedToMediaWiki|NewPageName}} if it did not end up in the same location/namespace.
      • For extensions, this includes any extension categories the page is currently in. For other pages/categories please use your discretion.
    4. Do a final check that nobody made an edit to the page between moving to and adding the template - if so, transfer those changes manually and note the name of the contributor in the edit summary.

Transferral of images

  • Images located on commons do not need any changes.
  • Images on meta that are used solely within pages that will be exported can be transferred to (in which case tag them, as above).
  • Images that are used in pages to be transferred, but also in other pages on meta should be moved to commons, as well as other images allowed by Commons' guidelines.

TODO list

  • Need to decide how to handle pages that cover content for the PD Help: namespace.
  • According to MediaWiki's About this site, "English is the main and reference language on the whole site". Should this policy be changed? If not, what should we do with non-English MW pages on meta?
    • If we do import them, then how will we structure multi-lingual content on
    • There has been some discussion about this at, but no decision has yet been made outside of the Help: namespace.

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