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The general assembly of Wikimedia Deutschland takes places on July 1st, 2007 in Frankfurt am Main. On Saturday, June 30th, there was a meetup with workshops for members of the Verein and other people who are interested.

Location: Haus der Jugend, Frankfurt am Main, how to get there


Saturday, 30 June 2007

Sunday, 1 July 2007

  • 10 am – 1 pm: Visiting the office of Wikimedia Deutschland, visiting the exhibition "Globalisierung 2.0" / Lunch
    • 10 am: Session #4
      • Opportunity to visit the nearby Museum for Communication and the exhibition "Globalisation 2.0"
      • Opportunity to visit the office of Wikimedia Deutschland in Frankfurt-Höchst
    • 12 pm: Lunch
  • 1 - 6 pm: General assembly
    • 1 pm: General assembly, part 1
    • 3 pm: Coffee break
    • 3:30 pm: General assembly, part 2
  • Eventually: Departure


Note: more ideas and suggestions for the workshops are welcome, please note them here.

Communicating Effectively about Wikimedia Projects[edit]

Booths, symposia, the Wikimedia-at-schools-project, requests for presentations and lectures, brochures, flyers etc. – this workshop deals with the question of how wikimedia projects can be introduced to outsiders in the most effective way. After an initial summary of previous events and appearances, there will be a discussion about future plans and perspectives of external communication. Topics will be: What kinds of promotional and informational material do we have at the moment? What is necessary to have a successful and beneficial event? What are necessary improvements for different types of appearances? How can organising these appearances be coordinated more efficiently?

  • Organisation/moderation: Frank Schulenburg
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Prerequisite: Interest in event management and promotion
  • Language: German

Wikimedia, an international movement[edit]

Chapters of Wikimedia

Since the formation of Wikimedia Deutschland, there has been a lot of activity in several other European countries. Up to now, seven other Chapters have been founded in Italy, France, Poland, Serbia, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Chapters on other continents are also being established. The workshop will give an overview of the international organisation structure of Wikimedia, the activities of the Wikimedia Foundation and the chapters and the relationships between them. The chapters coordinator of the foundation, Delphine, as well as several representatives from the European chapters will be present.

  • Organisation/Moderation: Nina Gerlach
  • Speakers: Delphine Ménard, representatives of other chapters
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Language: English

Legal Basics for Wikimedia Customer Support[edit]

The members of the OTRS team are often confronted with legal issues. This workshop will give basic legal information beneficial to the day to day work in the OTRS system. Examples will be provided for common situations with a special emphasis on personality rights. The participants will also get an overview of pending and finished litigation of the Verein and the Foundation. The second part of the session will deal with the different roles of members of the OTRS team, the community, the Verein and the foundation. The group will also develop new approaches for customer support improvement.

  • Organisation/moderation: Arne Klempert
  • Speakers: Thorsten Feldmann / Julian Höppner (JBB Rechtsanwälte, Berlin)
  • Length: 2 blocks of 2 hours
  • Prerequisite: actively working member of the OTRS team
  • Lanugage: German

Visions and Reality Checks[edit]

Workshop at the meetup

Wikimedia projects are growing and flourishing, many of them still impressively fast. The Wikimedia Foundation and our Verein, in contrast, only have restricted resources when it comes to money and personnel. How can these restricted resources be used efficiently and effectively? What are our goals, and what construction sites do we better leave for other organisations? How can we involve people who are interested to help? How can we stabilize and increase the amount of money that we get? Aim of the workshop is an open discussion, the development of creative ideas and the attempt to set our priorities for the next year.

Questions that will be discussed:

  • How do we manage our currently highly limited resources?
  • What could we do if we had more volunteers?
  • What should the Verein do if it had more money?
  • Organisation/moderation: Kurt Jansson
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Lanugage: German

Wikimedia - Technical infrastructure[edit]

This workshop is an introduction into the technical architecture behind the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. How did the System develop? Where are we now? What are the weaknesses? What does the future bring? The workshop will be a presentation by Jens Frank.

  • Organisation/Moderation: Jens Frank
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Language: German
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