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Module documentation

This module contains various hacks used by the Tech News.

Assemble newsletter[edit]

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T254481

Assemble the distributable version (no longer necessary). It’s used on Tech/News/Sandbox in the form

{{#invoke:Tech news|assembleNewsletter|year=year|week=week|language1|language2|…}}

for example

{{#invoke:Tech news|assembleNewsletter|year=2023|week=39|en|de|es}}

Get the section tag[edit]

Get the <section begin="..."/> and <section end="..."/> tags used when distributing directly using MassMessage instead of the above assembler function.

{{subst:#invoke:Tech news|getSectionTag|begin}}
{{subst:#invoke:Tech news|getSectionTag|end}}


local p = {}

function p.substTranslatedTemplates( content, langCode )
    --[[ This function goes through the content of a translation of a [Tech/News]
        issue and subst:s translated templates included via {{TNT}} or one of 
        its aliases. This allows translations or templates to be included into
        the globally-delivered message.
        Not sure it can be done since substitution happens earlier in the page
        parse process.
    -- {{TNT|template(|)}}
    -- {{Tnt|template(|)}}
    -- {{Translatable navigation template|template(|)}}
    -- {{Translatable template|template(|)}}
    -- replace by: {{subst:Translatable template
    -- Initialize variables
    local templateLang = 'en'
    local template = ''
    local substedContent = content
    -- Check if a translation of the template exists in that language; if so, put it in templateLang
    local translation = .. '/' .. langCode, 'Template:')
    if ( ~= 0)
        templateLang = langCode

    -- Then render the template and preprocess the content to make subst: work
    test = mw.ustring.gsub( content, "{{TNT|", '{{susbt:TNT|', n ) 
    frame:preprocess( content )
    return content

function p.assembleNewsletter(frame)
     --[[ This function takes existing translations for a given [Tech/News]
        issue and puts them together to generate the wikicode ready to be
        delivered by [Global message delivery].

    -- Initialize the newsletter's static content

    local message = '<pre><section begin="technews-' .. frame.args['year'] .. '-W' .. frame.args['week'] .. '"/>{{subst:#switch:{{subst:PAGELANGUAGE}}'

    --[[ Build the list of language codes for which there is a translation,
        and remove English if it was mistakenly added since we already include
        it as default.
        We can't automatically list all available translations of the issue, so
        we need to input them manually as part of the module's call.
    translations = {}
    for key, value in pairs( frame.args ) do
        if ( mw.language.isKnownLanguageTag( value ) and value ~= 'en' )
            translations[value] = value
    -- Add English as default
    translations['#default'] = 'en'

    -- Loop through the languages to assemble the available translations

    for switchKey, langCode in pairs( translations ) do
        --[[ TODO: add existence check of the translation in case of human
            error. Ignore the incorrect language code and give warning.
        -- Add new switch key, and language and directionality metadata
        local direction = langCode ):getDir()
        --[[ TODO: add switch keys for languages that have a fallback language
            for which we do have a translation, instead of English.
        message = message .. '|' .. switchKey .. '=<div class="plainlinks mw-content-' .. direction .. '" lang="' .. langCode .. '" dir="' .. direction .. '">'
        -- Get the translation's content
        local issue = 'Tech/News/' .. frame.args['year'] .. '/' .. frame.args['week']
        local content = issue .. '/' .. langCode ):getContent()
        --[[ Clean up stuff we don't want to include (headers, footers, etc.)
            There's probably a cleaner way to do this but for now it'll work.
            TODO: add error checks.
        local startSection, startIndex = mw.ustring.find( content, '<section begin="tech-newsletter-content"/>', 1, true )
        local endIndex = mw.ustring.find( content, '<section end="tech-newsletter-content"/>', 1, true )
        content = mw.ustring.sub( content, startIndex +1 , endIndex -1 )
        message = message .. content .. '</div>'

        -- TODO: Substs translated templates
        -- content = substTranslatedTemplates( content, langCode )
    -- Add footer static content
    message = message .. '}} <section end="technews-' .. frame.args['year'] .. '-W' .. frame.args['week'] .. '"/> ~~~~~</pre>'
    -- Hide nowiki tags from the preprocessor
    message = mw.ustring.gsub ( message, '<nowiki>(.-)</nowiki>', '&lt;nowiki&gt;%1&lt;/nowiki&gt;' )
    -- Preprocess to make <pre> work
    message = frame:preprocess( message )
    -- We're done

    return message


function p.getSectionTag( frame )
	local titleparts = mw.text.split( mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text, '/', true )
	local tagtype = frame.args[ 1 ] -- `begin` or `end`
	local year = titleparts[ 3 ] or '1970'
	local week = titleparts[ 4 ] or '99'
	return string.format( '<section %s="technews-%s-W%s"/>', tagtype, year, week )

return p