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The Movement Charter Committee is a proposed body, with representation from three stakeholder groups, that would be a smaller and more focused conception of the Interim Global Council, solely tasked with drafting the Movement Charter.

The idea is to do things relatively quickly, in smaller more digestible steps. Therefore, it would not closely resemble the future Global Council, which would have a greater scope and power and membership size.

Three stakeholder groups

Three stakeholder groups are key, and might have different appropriate methods of representation:

  • membres choisis par l'ensemble des affiliés
    • method: could be by consensus discussion on mailing lists (all-affiliates) and conference calls (SWAN), rather than a formal ASBS-like election
  • membres directement élus par la communauté sur Meta
    • method: could be directly on Meta via Steward-like election templates, rather than SecurePoll
  • members appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation
    • method: whatever is appropriate for the WMF, members chosen could be board, staff or others

Ratification and open questions

The nominal proposal is for a 7-7-7 committee to be selected by May, but terms and distribution should be flexible and the subject of further conversation.

After one or two months of collaborative writing, the text will then be submitted to the community on Meta for proper ratification (and amendment) of the various articles.