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Please see Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Set Up Process for the current proposal and see Movement Charter/Drafting Committee for the call for candidates[edit]

(the space for organising the drafting group's work; to be filled as soon as possible)

The Movement Charter Drafting Group will be a committee of individuals from across the movement to support the drafting of the Movement Charter.

There are two specific proposals (1 and 2) for how to implement this. You can read further proposals and previous discussions.


We are a diverse and growing Movement, and we need to include new voices and more diversity in decision-making processes. We aim to enhance mechanisms for trust and coordination between stakeholders, create a common understanding of what defines being part of our Movement, and have mechanisms to ensure that the processes and changes that affect the whole Movement are legitimate and trusted. Overall, it is fundamental to have a common framework to define how to work together and how to achieve the Strategic Direction to become the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge by 2030.

Basis: Ensure Equity in Decision-making


Create a Movement Charter to:

  • Lay the values, principles and policy basis for Movement structures, including the roles and responsibilities of the Global Council, regional and thematic hubs, as well as other existing and new entities and decision-making bodies,
  • Set requirements and criteria for decisions and processes that are Movement-wide to be legitimate and trusted by all stakeholders, e.g. for:
    • Maintaining safe collaborative environments,
    • Ensuring Movement-wide revenue generation and distribution,
    • Giving a common direction on how resources should be allocated with appropriate accountability mechanisms,
    • Defining how communities work together and are accountable to each other,
    • Setting expectations for participation and the rights of participants.


Create a full IGC or just Movement Charter drafting committee?

  • Current consensus is to focus on drafting a Movement Charter. Create Movement Charter drafting committee only for this phase, not full IGC.


What types of members are needed, and how might they be selected? Define desired abilities, skills and knowledge (ASK), expertise, diversity for drafting committee. ("WHAT")

Formation/ selection process to follow.

Composition to be discussed. For required skills, see Skills and experiences


How might committee work while being transparent and engaged with the community?

To be discussed.


How might the community have a meaningful role in final acceptance of the MC? Define a ratification process that is solid and meaningfully engages the community. ("HOW")

See Ratification process


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