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Movement Multilingual Termbase/ro

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This page is a translated version of the page Movement Multilingual Termbase and the translation is 42% complete.
engleză Translation Subject area Definition and notes
ad-free fără reclame (engleză : ad-free) Fundraising
Awkward Awkward (engleză : Awkward) Fundraising
Chapters Chapters (engleză : Chapters) Wikimedia chapters are independent organizations founded to support and promote the Wikimedia projects in a specified geographical region (in most cases, a country).
Communities comunitățile (engleză : Communities) Communities (plural) refers to the sum of contributors to various Wikimedia projects.
Community comunitate (engleză : Community)

Community refers not only to content contributor communities but rather to all members of our movement, readers, donors, editors. Adjacent words that can help with the translation: editors, donors and readers; the people who make Wikipedia a reality every day.

Contributors Contributors (engleză : Contributors) Fundraising
Donation Donation (engleză : Donation) Fundraising
Donor donator (engleză : Donor) Fundraising A person who voluntarily donates money; must be gender-neutral. Not an organ donor.
Donor Relations Team echipei de asistență pentru donatorii (engleză : Donor Relations Team) Fundraising
Editors Editorii (engleză : Editors)
Endowment Cadou de dotație (engleză : Endowment) Fundraising For Fundraising only: For legal reasons, please keep this in English. An endowment is a (usually) permanent fund used to support an organization or a cause in perpetuity, meaning for a long period with an undefined end. Organizations with endowments usually invest the endowment funds in financial holdings, and then spend or use the interest or investment incomes produced each year. This allows the endowment to provide financial support for a long period of time.
Free knowledge cunoștințe libere (engleză : Free knowledge)

Knowledge that is free to use and share without legal, social or technological restrictions. Adjacent words that can help with the translation: knowledge freely accessible to all; knowledge that is free of copyright restrictions; knowledge for everyone; knowledge that you can read, create and share freely.

Humbly respectuos (engleză : Humbly) Fundraising
Impartial Impartial (engleză : Impartial) Fundraising
Inclusion Inclusion (engleză : Inclusion)

The act of reducing exclusion and discrimination (e.g., regarding age, social class, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) by both individuals and groups through modifying settings, policies, cultures, and structures to create the proper conditions for the emergence of diversity.

Independent independent (engleză : Independent) Fundraising
Integrity Integrity (engleză : Integrity) Fundraising
Knowledge equity Knowledge equity (engleză : Knowledge equity)

Examining how and if some communities may have been excluded from knowledge production due to imbalanced structures of power and how we can actively bring in underrepresented communities, knowledge, and history into our projects. Adjacent words that can help with the translation: create a world with more equal access to knowledge everywhere, keeping access to Wikipedia free and fair.

Knowledge integrity Knowledge integrity (engleză : Knowledge integrity)

The process that helps ensure content on Wikipedia is trusted, neutral, and verifiable. Volunteer editors debate, fact-check, and discuss article, leveraging tools along the way, to help ensure information on Wikipedia is neutral and reliable. Adjacent words that can help with the translation: neutrality, fact-based, unbiased.

Mission misiune (engleză : Mission)
Movement mișcare (engleză : Movement)
Neutrality neutralitate (engleză : Neutrality)
Non-Profit nonprofit (engleză : Non-Profit)
Open internet Open internet (engleză : Open internet)

one that is free and available to use for everyone without restrictions from Internet Service Providers. Adjacent words that can help with the translation: free internet, collaborative internet, internet for everyone.

Our readers cititorii noștri (engleză : Our readers) Fundraising Readers (plural) of Wikipedia; must be gender-neutral. Not to be translated as “user”.
Please don’t scroll away nu treci mai departe, ignorând acest mesaj (engleză : Please don’t scroll away) Fundraising
Rare donors rarii donatori (engleză : Rare donors) Fundraising
Reader cititorii (engleză : Reader) Reader (singular) of Wikipedia; must be gender-neutral.
The Wikimedia Foundation la Wikimedia Foundation (engleză : The Wikimedia Foundation) For Fundraising only:“Wikimedia Foundation” should be kept in English for legal reasons
they simply look the other way ci preferă să adopte o atitudine indiferentă (engleză : they simply look the other way) Fundraising If this expression does not translate in a different language, alternatives include: “they simply keep reading”, “they simply ignore this message”.
Thriving se dezvolte (engleză : Thriving) Fundraising
To donate To donate (engleză : To donate) Fundraising To give money voluntarily
Unsubscribe dezabonare (engleză : Unsubscribe) Fundraising Unsubscribing from email list (not from recurring/monthly donation).
Volunteers voluntari (engleză : Volunteers)

Wikimedia’s free knowledge projects, such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata, are cultivated and grown by volunteers from around the world. More than 250,000 people add and edit content to Wikimedia projects based on principles of neutrality and reliable sourcing. Adjacent words that can help with the translation: volunteer editors, volunteer contributors, knowledge creators, everyday people like you and me, the people who create knowledge for us all, editor communities. Must be gender neutral.

Wikimedia Endowment Wikimedia Endowment (engleză : Wikimedia Endowment) Fundraising

For Fundraising only: For legal reasons, please keep this in English. The purpose of the Wikimedia Endowment is to act as a permanent safekeeping fund to generate income to support the operations and activities of the Wikimedia projects in perpetuity. This means that the Wikimedia Endowment does not spend any of the donations it receives; it invests them, and only a portion of investment income is spent. Other ways to say it: Wikipedia’s long-term security fund, protecting Wikipedia for future generations.

Wikipedia Wikipedia (engleză : Wikipedia) Make sure “Wikipedia” is spelled correctly in the language of your expertise. Double-check Wikipedia in this language to be certain.