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Bridging content gaps in high-impact topics

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The purpose of Identifying Topics for Impact is to work on bridging gaps in high-impact topics. This can be done by prioritizing resources and providing incentives for filling these gaps. For example, if climate change content is identified as a high-impact topic, specific funding and partnerships may be dedicated to bridging this gap across the different Wikimedia Projects. While respecting the full freedom of Wikimedians to contribute according to their interests, the initiative encourages improving collectively-identified priority topics that impact our world and improve people’s lives.  

  • プロジェクトや提携組織あるいはローカルのコミュニティの間で関連性の高い主題の領域を視覚化し(map)、それぞれの専門性から学び合うという利点と、それぞれの自主性と独立性の確保を盛り込む。
  • 影響力がより大きな主題を取り上げて、一方でコンテンツの格差を縮めるためイニシアティブ(複数)を実施しリソース配分を優先し、他方で私たちが長年保ってきた方針を尊重し、当該のプロジェクトのガイドラインに従い貢献したいと望む人は誰でも歓迎する。これにはコミュニティの主導権やアウトリーチ、報奨、助成金その他の資金提供や提携関係、技術的な裏付けのある方法論の採用として例えば人口知能(AI)や機械学習が関与する場合がある。



Join or start a discussion on Meta or the "Identify Topics for Impact" space of the Movement Strategy Forum.


Apply for a Movement Strategy implementation grant to create a project that advances this initiative.

Get help

If you need help in getting involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly with members of the Movement Strategy and Governance Team. They are here to help!

You can write to the team in any of 19 languages (listed on the team's page), by writing an email to:

Initiative Project Stakeholder type Project lead Geography of the project Implementation Phase
39. Bridge gaps in high-impact content Overall Initiative Coordination
39. Bridge gaps in high-impact content Wiki-Naval Ayiti User Group Wikimedia User Group Haiti
39. Bridge gaps in high-impact content Whose Knowledge? User Group Whose Knowledge? Execution & Implementation
39. Bridge gaps in high-impact content Wiki World Heritage User Group Wiki World Heritage Global Completion & Reporting
39. Bridge gaps in high-impact content Harmful Content Portfolio WMF Content Compliance Global Execution & Implementation

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