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Movement Strategy/Initiatives/Leadership Development Plan

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Global Approach for Local Skill Development

In order to Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, we need a coordinated leadership development plan. While the term “leadership” can be interpreted differently and sometimes negatively, leadership roles are essential for any movement, and there are plenty of them in the Wikimedia organizations, committees, boards, etc. This initiative is about building an established process to document those roles and to train more people to fill them. This will help renew leaders, avoid burnout, increase diversity and, importantly, help leaders to support their communities in context, giving them much needed subsidiarity . This process would also involve seeking out new potential leaders, and providing them with training at the local and regional levels (for example: through hubs)

There is currently an active committee called the Leadership Development Working Group, which is closely related to this initiative.

Create a systematic, globally-coordinated leadership development plan. This requires us to:

  • Establish a process to understand and model leadership according to skills necessary in each context.
  • Deploy tools or processes based on existing volunteer engagement that support communities in identifying potential leaders.
  • Invite potential leaders from other social movements to diversify and enrich the Movement through sharing experiences.
  • Provide training options (e.g. online, in-person) at local and regional levels to allow individuals to acquire leadership skills relevant to their communities.
  • Create an outline of the roles and skills that contextually encourages self-governance and ensures subsidiarity to empower communities.



Join or start a discussion on Meta or the "Invest in Skills and Leadership Development" space of the Movement Strategy Forum.


Apply for a Movement Strategy implementation grant to create a project that advances this initiative.

Get help

If you need help in getting involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly with members of the Movement Strategy and Governance Team. They are here to help!

You can write to the team in any of 19 languages (listed on the team's page), by writing an email to: strategy2030@wikimedia.org

Initiative Project Stakeholder type Project lead Geography of the project Implementation Phase
33. Leadership development plan Overall Initiative Coordination
33. Leadership development plan Leadership Development Working Group WMF Community Development Pilot
33. Leadership development plan Consensus Making with Musyawarah-Mufakat (Indonesia) Chapter Wikimedia Indonesia Execution & Implementation
33. Leadership development plan Leadership development actions - WM Chile Chapter WM Chile Latin America & The Caribbean Completion & Reporting
33. Leadership development plan Training of Brazilian Leaders User group Wiki Movement Brazil User Group Latin America & The Caribbean Implementation