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私の国でも無料で知識 28
私の国でも無料で知識 28


  • Build a better front door. 情報を簡単に入手できるように。財団からの支援と資源。
  • Use humans. コミュニケーションは、相手を自分と同じ人間だと思うこと -- 技術が何であれ、媒体が何であれ。その地域に詳しいコミュニケーション・スペシャリストを雇いましょう。聞き上手で、代弁でき、支援でき、拡大させることができる人。この運動を説明できる人。
  • Speak human. 言葉は分かりやすく、ぶれず、伝えやすく。どんなコミュニケーションのときも、様々な人間がいると意識しましょう。複雑な内容を説明するとき、難しい言葉を避けましょう。詳細がわからない場合、知ったかぶりは止めましょう。
  • Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand.” 周りの人が必要なときに必要なものにアクセスできるよう、その人たちに目を配り、情報に目を通しておきましょう。
  • Coordinate, then communicate. まずは財団の中で歩調を併せましょう。それから、一歩広げて運動を進めましょう。内部で足並みをそろえておかないと混乱を招きます。
  • Clarify, connect and reflect. これら3つのコミュニケーション目標のための運動の背景を伝えるために財団のプラットフォームを使いましょう。

1. Build a better front door

2. Use humans

3. Speak human

4. Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand”

5. Coordinate, then communicate

6. Clarify, connect and reflect



1. 聞き上手に

2. 思いやりましょう

3. プラン

4. 実行


ウィキメディア・サミット 2019 - 11
ウィキメディア・サミット 2019 - 11

10 focus groups with 113 participants. The research team held ten focus groups, with a total of 83 community participants and 30 Wikimedia Foundation staff. We heard from movement members working in different regions, languages, and capacities that reflect the diversity of the Wikimedia movement.

Of community participants: 69% were from emerging regions, 63% identified as men, compared to an estimated 87% of Wikimedia contributors; 35% stated their primary project was a project other than Wikipedia; 17% were relative newcomers, having been involved with Wikimedia for 3 years or fewer; 27% were long-time Wikimedians, having been involved with Wikimedia for 10+ years; 16% were non-English speakers (simultaneous interpretation was provided in Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian); 35% were members of affiliates; 23% held on-wiki administrative roles; 7% identified as technical contributors. We also offered optional stipends to participants to enable participation from those who may not have otherwise been able to take part.


参加者の勧告は、 ウィキメディア2030運動戦略の中核目標に直接結びつくものです。特に、運動戦略構想を基礎とした提言は以下の通りです。

  • Increase the sustainability of our movement. Through better community support, volunteer recognition, and investment in emerging communities. (See: Build a better front door; Use humans; Clarify, connect and reflect.)
  • Coordinate across stakeholders. Strengthen communication and collaboration. Clarify roles and responsibilities. (See: Speak human; Coordinate, then collaborate; Clarify, connect and reflect.)

Manage internal knowledge. Build a knowledge base with better documentation. (See: Build a better front door; Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand.”) Insights from participants give more detail for how the Foundation can structure its communications to better support these priorities. They outline issues and potential solutions for the Foundation to consider as we move collectively toward 2030.

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