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This page is a translated version of the page Movement communications insights and the translation is 40% complete.




  • 現在:参加者のフィードバックに基づき報告書が完成
  • 現在:推奨事項の報告は2021年-2022年度の年次計画に統合。本予算年度において実行対象となった個別の報告書推奨事項は、6月の更新情報で詳細をご参照
  • 進行中:運動の意思疎通チームの戦略を立てて改善する作業の継続のため、配信し利用された知見を報告する


  • Build a better front door. Create a single point of entry for information, support and resources from the Foundation.
  • Use humans. Take a human-centered approach to communications -- as opposed to a tech-centric or channel-centric approach. Hire regional communications specialists that can localize, listen, represent, support and amplify. Clarify who talks to the movement.
  • Speak human. Use language that is simple, relatable and translatable. Showcase the humans behind the communications. Resist the temptation to over-explain when issues are complex or to be vague rather than acknowledge when details are unknown.
  • Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand.” Invest more in centralizing and storing movement information so that people can access what they need, when they need it.
  • Coordinate, then communicate. Coordinate within the Foundation first, and then communicate with the larger movement. Avoid causing confusion by failing to align internally first.
  • Clarify, connect and reflect. Use the Foundation’s platforms to tell the movement’s story centered on these three communications goals.

1. Build a better front door

2. Use humans

3. Speak human

4. Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand”

5. Coordinate, then communicate

6. Clarify, connect and reflect



ウィキメディア・サミット2019 - 11
ウィキメディア・サミット2019 - 11


  • 新興国出身者は69%
  • 回答者のウィキメディア投稿者87%の内訳は男性
  • ふだん活動するプロジェクトはウィキペディアではないと答えた人は35%
  • 全体の17%は活動歴3年以内で、編集初学者
  • 活動歴が長いウィキメディアンは27%で、ウィキメディアにはおよそ10年超、参加している
  • 16%は母語が英語ではない人で、(同時通訳をアラビア語、フランス語、スペイン語ロシア語で提供)
  • 提携団体の参加者は35%
  • オンウィキでなんらかの管理者権限を預かる人は23%
  • 技術貢献者と自覚する人は7%。

Stipends were offered to participants to enable participation from those who may not have otherwise been able to take part.

What happens next?

Insights from this report will be used to plan a long-term movement communications strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation. The strategy will be agile -- it will continue to evolve and adapt -- with improvements implemented as they are ready.

1. Listen
Focus groups and online discussion

2. Synthesize
Key insights and recommendations

3. Plan
Agile communications strategy

4. Act
Implement strategy