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因此,維基媒體基金會希望從社群中收集關於我們所有人如何更一致地就我們的集體工作進行交流的見解,並更好地突出整個維基媒體運動中社群的貢獻。 在接下來的幾個月中,我們將舉辦焦點小組討論和在線討論,以收集這些見解。各個焦點小組將包括10-15名志願者,作為便利討論的一部分,他們將被要求就有關就如何改進維基媒體運動工作之溝通方式分享見解。

  • Now: Report has been finalized based on participant feedback

Now: Report recommendations have been integrated into the 2021–2022 Annual Plan. See the June update for the specific report recommendations that are being funded this fiscal year

  • Ongoing: Report findings distributed and used to continue to build and refine Movement Communications team strategy

Recommendations from movement participants for the Wikimedia Foundation

  • Build a better front door. Create a single point of entry for information, support and resources from the Foundation.
  • Use humans. Take a human-centered approach to communications -- as opposed to a tech-centric or channel-centric approach. Hire regional communications specialists that can localize, listen, represent, support and amplify. Clarify who talks to the movement.
  • Speak human. Use language that is simple, relatable and translatable. Showcase the humans behind the communications. Resist the temptation to over-explain when issues are complex or to be vague rather than acknowledge when details are unknown.
  • Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand.” Invest more in centralizing and storing movement information so that people can access what they need, when they need it.
  • Coordinate, then communicate. Coordinate within the Foundation first, and then communicate with the larger movement. Avoid causing confusion by failing to align internally first.
  • Clarify, connect and reflect. Use the Foundation’s platforms to tell the movement’s story centered on these three communications goals.
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1. Build a better front door

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2. Use humans

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3. Speak human

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4. Balance “broadcast” with “on-demand”

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5. Coordinate, then communicate

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6. Clarify, connect and reflect


Wikimedia Summit 2019 - 11

10 focus groups with 113 participants. The research team held ten focus groups, with a total of 83 community participants and 30 Wikimedia Foundation staff. Movement members participated working in different regions, languages, and capacities that reflect the diversity of the Wikimedia movement. Of community participants:

  • 69% were from emerging regions
  • 63% identified as men, compared to an estimated 87% of Wikimedia contributors
  • 35% stated their primary project was a project other than Wikipedia
  • 17% were relative newcomers, having been involved with Wikimedia for 3 years or fewer
  • 27% were long-time Wikimedians, having been involved with Wikimedia for 10+ years
  • 16% were non-English speakers (simultaneous interpretation was provided in Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian)
  • 35% were members of affiliates
  • 23% held on-wiki administrative roles
  • 7% identified as technical contributors.

Stipends were offered to participants to enable participation from those who may not have otherwise been able to take part.

What happens next?

Insights from this report will be used to plan a long-term movement communications strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation. The strategy will be agile -- it will continue to evolve and adapt -- with improvements implemented as they are ready.

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1. Listen
Focus groups and online discussion

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2. Synthesize
Key insights and recommendations

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3. Plan
Agile communications strategy

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4. Act
Implement strategy