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Initial Questions[edit]

Vision and Mission[edit]

  • Are you familiar and comfortable with the vision and mission of the Wikimedia Foundation?
  • Do you and your organization share this vision and mission?

Strategic Goals[edit]

The strategic planning project framed the following goals for the movement:

  • Secure the infrastructure
  • Increase global participation
  • Improve quality
  • Expand reach
  • Support innovation

With that in mind:

  • How applicable do you think these goals are to your role in the movement?
  • How can the Wikimedia movement best meet these goals?
  • Should the movement spend its resources on goals/activities of groups that are not wholly aligned with the strategic goals?

Roles in the Wikimedia movement[edit]

  • What role do you see for you and your organization in achieving the vision, mission and strategic goals?
  • What role should other groups play in achieving our movement priorities?
  • What do these groups need to fulfill this role?
  • What do they need from others to fulfill this role?
  • What do they need to provide others to fulfill their roles?
  • Which interactions with other groups in this movement are critical for each group to play their part?

Entities in the Wikimedia movement[edit]

  • What should be the core tasks and roles of the Wikimedia Foundation in the movement?
  • What do you think should be the core tasks and roles of a chapter in the movement?
  • How should the role of a sub-national chapter differ from a national chapter?
  • What do you see the core tasks and roles of the chapters committee to be?
  • Are there core movement tasks or roles that are not now adequately served, or that might need to be served in the future?
  • What should other and new Wikimedia entities (groups that don’t fall within the current definition of a 'chapter', but share many attributes and goals) do?

Relationships among entities within the Wikimedia movement[edit]

  • What should be the minimum standards of transparency among Wikimedia entities – the Wikimedia Foundation, chapters, etc.?
  • What safeguards should be in place between entities to protect the integrity and reputation of the movement?
  • To whom are the Wikimedia entities accountable? (e.g. their members, other entities in the movement, etc.)
  • What is the right way to include various movement groups in the overall governance of the Wikimedia movement?

Resources for entities within the Wikimedia movement[edit]

  • How should resources be secured to support the growth of the Wikimedia movement and fulfilling of the mission?
  • How best to ensure that each Wikimedia entity has the funds it needs to a) survive and b) fulfill its mission?
  • How best to ensure that money is distributed to ensure that the Wikimedia movement achieves its goals in the best way?


  • To support the growth and sustainability of the Wikimedia movement, what is the one, most important change we need to make?
  • What change could most help you now in your role in the Wikimedia movement?


  • How would you describe your affiliation with Wikimedia?
  • Would you consider yourself to be affiliated with:
    • The Wikimedia Foundation?
    • A chapter? (If so, which one?)
    • A project? (If so, which one?)
    • Another group? (If so, which one?)
    • None at all? (If so, feel free to elaborate.)

Anyone else?[edit]

  • Is there anybody else you would specifically recommend we ask for their views?