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This page tracks the responses to a set of initial questions, solicited from anyone who wants to reply, but particularly from members of groups already organizing themselves as part of the Wikimedia movement.

The table has been prepopulated with several groups—most notably, every existing Wikimedia chapter—but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you think a group is missing, by all means, add it—even if you don't have a particular individual in mind.

Conversely, if you want to reply as an individual without affiliating yourself with any particular group, that's great too! Just add your name and link to your response.

See the questionnaire page for detailed instructions on how to weigh in.

Affiliation Individual
Wikimedia Argentina
Wikimedia Österreich
Wikimedia Australia
Wikimedia CH
Wikimedia Česká republika
Wikimedia Deutschland
Wikimedia Danmark
Wikimedia Eesti
Wikimedia Suomi
Wikimédia France
Wikimedia UK
Wikimedia Hong Kong
Wikimédia Magyarország
Wikimedia Indonesia
Wikimedia Israel
Wikimedia India
Wikimedia Macedonia
Wikimedia Nederland
Wikimedia Norge
Wikimedia Philippines
Wikimedia Polska
Wikimedia Portugal
Wikimedia Russia
Wikimedia Serbia
Wikimedia Sverige
Wikimedia South Africa David Richfield
Wikimedia Taiwan
Wikimedia Ukraine
Wikimedia New York City
"Wikimedia Brazil"
"Wikimedia CAT" Gomà
Wikimedia Macau (stalled)
Wiki Educational Resource Ltd.
(Wikimedia UK v. 1.0)
Wikimedia New Zealand (stalled)
Wikimedia Egypt (prospective)
Wikimedia Canada (prospective)
Wikimedia Belgium (stalled)