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New Readers
Research and findings
  Outcome #1: Access
  Outcome #2: Awareness
  Outcome #3: Discovery
  Outcome #4: Retention
  Outcome #5: Syndication
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The Wikimedia movement seeks to increase readership in Asia, Africa, and Latin America—places where new internet users are emerging but may not know or use Wikimedia sites. To support this goal, the Wikimedia Foundation (in partnership with Reboot) has begun the New Readers project. They will be conducting user research in two priority countries—India and Nigeria. This research will build on previous work In Mexico and South Africa to better understand and engage potential readers.


In the priority countries, this project seeks to understand...
  1. Potential (as well as current) users’
    • needs for seeking information, with a focus on online;
    • habits for information seeking online, and for interacting with Wikipedia;
    • existing sources of information and why they are commonly used and trusted (i.e. "positive examples" that the Wikimedia projects can learn from);
    • perceptions and knowledge of Wikipedia, specifically what it is and how it works (for example, that it is an open platform, anyone can contribute).
  2. How current Wikipedia functionalities support or inhibit online learning.
In order to identify...
  1. Products and/or features that can attract and engage new readers in target markets; and
  2. Effective distribution channels, messaging, and/or partnerships to increase readership.
In the near term, this will help the Wikimedia movement...
  1. Develop a solid understanding of potential new readers and community members in India and Nigeria, including subsets (or segments, based on needs, behaviors, demographics, and/or other characteristics) that the movement is particularly and immediately well-positioned to engage;
  2. Determine how best to focus Foundation time and resources, alongside community work and efforts, to attract new readers (with a primary focus on product); and
  3. Determine how to direct funding and support to communities interested in increasing readership.
In the medium term, this will help the Wikimedia movement...
  1. Better integrate design research and user-centered design approaches in how it develops products;
  2. Develop communications strategies (messaging, media channels, etc.) to increase awareness and improve understanding of Wikimedia products;
  3. Develop partnership strategies to improve reach of, and engagement with, Wikimedia products; and
  4. Surface strategies to empower the Wikimedia community to increase readership.