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Nordic Wikimedia/Yearbook 2011/Page 09 Photo uploading events

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Hotellneset coal harbour area at Longyearbyen on Svalbard by User:Bjoertvedt. This photo won fourth prize in the international competition, second in the Norwegian

The biggest photo contest in the world[edit]

During September, 2011, the international photo competetition Wiki Loves Monuments was held in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The goal was to get the public to photograph culturally significant monuments and publish the photos under a free license, so that they would be available for anyone to use. The contest started out in the Netherlands, and in 2011 it became an international success. Around 170,000 photos were uploaded, out of which more than 7,000 photoes were uploaded from Scandinavia (753 from Denmark, 1,212 from Norway and 5,134 from Sweden). National jurys nominated ten photos each for the international finale. Norwegian user Erlend Bjørvedt was awarded the fourth prize for his photo of the old coal births at Svalbard. The Norwegian winner was able to bring home a Canon 60D as his first prize, awarded at the Wikipedia Academy in Oslo.

Wiki Loves Monuments photos[edit]

Photo safaris[edit]

other promotional activities for the uploading of photos to Wikimedia Commons

Other events for the promotion of new photos for the Wikimedia Commons media data base were photo safaris arranged by Wikimedia Sweden (koll: även i andra länder, Wiki Takes Nationalmuset in Danmark). During 2011 photo safaris were arranged in the provinces of Dalarna in January 2011 (204 photos uploaded) and in Uppland in June (499 photos uploaded). The latter event included geotagging for Open Street Map Project and was sponsored by the Cloudberry Project (Föreningen för fri kultur och programvara, The Association for Free Culture and Free Software).

The Cloudberry Photo Safari[edit]

The Cloudberry Photo Safari set out in the coastal area of Roslagen to the north of Stockholm in a weekend in May, 2011. Eight volonteers participated.