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PhilWiki Community/Engagement Survey, 2021

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PhilWiki Community Engagement Survey, 2021

On 2 June 2021, the Community was asked What do we want to achieve in the next 6 months as one Community? Twenty-one (21) members responded and this word cloud was created to represent their responses.

From 26 September to 30 November 2021, a community engagement survey was conducted among PhilWiki Community regular members and community members thru Google Form to learn the capacity and engagement of the members in the organization and in the movement.

Respondents with a user account

Profile: Respondents were asked for their username and asked if they wish to create one.

Of the thirty-one (31) individuals who participated in the survey, majority has a valid user account (80.6%) while the minority does not have one (12.9%). However, two of the 4 respondents without a valid account are willing to learn how to create one (6.5%).

Question 1. Which of the following Wikimedia projects are you aware of? (At least you have visited the website)

Question 1. Awareness
Two Wikimedia projects stood out among the 13 listed in the choices: Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Wikidata remains unpopular among the respondents unlike in the global community.
All of the thirty-one (31) respondents are aware of Wikipedia (100%).
The majority of the respondents has knowledge of Wikimedia Commons (83.9%).
Less than half of the respondents is familiar with Wiktionary (48.4%), Meta-Wiki (38.7%), Incubator and Wikinews (25.8%).
The less popular Wikimedia projects among the respondents are Wikibooks (22.6%), Wikidata and Wikivoyage (19.4%), Wikiquote and Wikisource (16.1%), Wikispecies, and Wikiversity (12.9%).
Question 2. Awareness

(At least you have read about it or have participated once: 1LibRef, ESEAP, Global Council, Knowledge Equity Fund, Movement Strategy, Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, WPWP, WikiGap, WikiProyekto, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Folklore, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikipedia Asian Month, Wikipedia Philippine Month, Wikipedian In Residence, Universal Code of Conduct)

The respondents are more familiar with project-based activities than movement-related subjects.
The three more popular projects among the respondents in the listed activities are:
Wiki Loves Earth (83.9%), Wiki Loves Monuments (64.5%) and WikiGap (51.6%)
Less than half of the respondents is familiar or has participated in Wiki Loves Folklore (45.2%), Wikipedia Asian Month (45.2%), Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photographs (41.9%), and Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom (38.7%).
There are 7 respondents who are aware of the WikiProyekto (22.6%).
Only 6 respondents have a knowledge of the following subjects: 1Lib1Ref, ESEAP, and Universal Code of Conduct (19.4%).
There are only 4 respondents who are familiar with the Movement Strategy (12.9%), only three are aware of Wikipedian in Residence (9.7%) while just one respondent has an idea about the Global Council (3.2%) and Knowledge Equity Fund (3.2%).

Question 3. What activities have you participated in the last 12 months? (Choose more than one option)

Question 3. Participation
Among the listed activities, more respondents have joined in socials and rewarding activities than in more formal engagements and activities which require skills.
Fourteen (14) or almost half of the respondents has attended a Meetup (45.2%) in the last 12 months. Twelve respondents have also participated in an Editing contest (38.7%) and a Mural painting (38.7%) in the same period of time. Organizational meeting, Virtual meeting, and Photography contest (35.5% each), Photowalk and WikNic (32.3%) also had 10 responses.
Quite a few respondents have actually participated in Community and organizational discussion (25.8%), Offline editing sessions and Wikipedia 20 celebration (22.6%), WikiProject collaboration (19.4%), Committee application and Project organizing (12.9%), Wikimania and Translating module (9.7%).

Question 4. Which type of activities will you be participating the most in the next 12 months?


(Choose only one option: Project implementation, Offline, Online, or Organizational activities)

Question 4. Involvement
The respondents were given 4 options to which they need to choose their priority. Respondents preferred to be participants than being the organizer or facilitator.
Thirteen (13) respondents answered they will be joining Offline actitivies (photowalk, wiknic, mural painting, editing session, celebration, etc.) in the next 12 months than the other 3 options.
There are 9 respondents who will be joining Online activities (wikiproject collaboration, editing and photo contests, etc.) instead.
There are 7 respondents who chose Organizational activities (advocacy, discussion, planning, virtual meeting, meet up, etc.) over the other options.
Only 3 respondents chose Project implementation (facilitating, designing, mentoring, etc.)

Question 5. Capacity

Question 5. Which of the following do you have in order to participate in these activities?


(Choose more the one option: Equipment, Experience, Leadership skills, Organizing skills, Passion, Technical skills, Time and resources)

Community members have the basic requirements to be a contributor. Equipment, organizing and leadership skills are some of the factors which affect the growth of editors in the Community.
Among the options, Passion (63.3%) received the highest response followed by Experience (60%), Technical skills (56.7%), and Time and resources (53.3%).
Only eleven (11) respondents chose Equipment (36.7%).
Of the skills and other requirements listed in the options, Organizing skills (23.3%) and Leadership skills (20%) received the lowest response.

Question 6. Which of the following Committee do you want to be part of?


(Choose only one option: Advocacy, Diversity, Education, Outreach or GLAM Committee)

Question 6. Involvement
The respondents were given 5 options to which they need to choose their priority. Advocacy and Education Committees received the highest responses.
Eleven (11) respondents answered they will be part of the Advocacy Committee (engagement in the promotion of free knowledge using different platforms) while 7 others also chose the Education Committee (engagement in the promotion of free, responsibly open-content resources and reference materials in the academe).
Four (4) respondents chose to be part of the Outreach Committeee (engagement of community members in online and offline activities) while 4 others chose the GLAM Committee (engagement with galleries, libraries, archives and museums for collaborations).
Only one (1) respondent chose to be part of the Diversity Committee (engage diverse participation to address gender and knowledge gaps).

2022 Annual Plan


For several weeks from the last weeks of December to mid-January 2022, the Community conducted consultations and came up with the final plan of activities for 2022. The Community approved the 2022 Annual Plan for immediate implementation.

Other reports