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PhilWiki Community/Engagement Survey, 2022

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PhilWiki Community Engagement Survey, 2022

On 19 December 2022, a community engagement survey has been shared among PhilWiki Community regular members and community members thru Google Form to learn the capacity and engagement of the members in the organization and in the movement.

Profile: Respondents were asked for their username and asked if they wish to create one.[edit]

Of the twenty-one (21) individuals who participated in the survey, a majority (81%) has a valid user account or 17 of them are contributors with active user accounts. Among the 4 individuals who do not have a user account yet, 3 of them said they need one.

The respondents comprise of 12 regular members including 3 PH-WC board members, 2 associate members, and 7 community members.
There is a slight difference between the respondents in terms of gender: 9 females and 12 males.

Question 1. Which of the following Wikimedia projects are you aware of? (At least you have visited the website)[edit]

The Wikimedia projects which stood out among the 13 listed in the choices are Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. Meta-Wiki and Wikisource have gained familiarity compared with last year's community engagement survey.

All twenty-one (21) respondents are aware of Wikimedia Commons (100%). Most of the activities which the respondents joined in the last 12 months were Wiki Loves X contests and photography walk as revealed in the survey.
All except for one respondent have knowledge of Wikipedia (95.2%). Particularly, the respodents contribute mainly on Bikol Wikipedia and Tagalog Wikipedia.
The next three more popular projects among the 13 choices which less half of the respondents chose are Meta-Wiki (47.6%), Wiktionary (38.1%), and Wikisource (33.3%).
The Wikimedia projects which are not very known to the respondents are Wikidata and Wikispecies (28.6%); Incubator (23.8%); Wikinews and Wikiquote (19%); and Wikibooks, Wikiversity and Wikivoyage (14.3%).

Question 2. Which of the following Wikimedia-related stuffs are you aware of?[edit]

(At least you have read about it or have participated once: 1LibRef, ESEAP, Global Council, Knowledge Equity Fund, Movement Strategy, Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, WPWP, WikiGap, WikiProyekto, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Folklore, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikipedia Asian Month, Wikipedia Philippine Month, Wikipedian In Residence, Universal Code of Conduct)

The respondents are more familiar with Wiki Loves X contests, Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photographs, and Wikipedia Philippine Month than the other Wikimedia-related subjects in the choices.

The seven (7) more popular subjects in the listed choices among the respondents are:
Wiki Loves Earth (95.2%), Wiki Loves Monuments, and Wiki Loves Food (85.7%); Wiki Loves Fashion (81%); Wiki Loves Folklore and Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photographs (61.9%); and Wikipedia Philippine Month (52.4%). These four (4) nation-wide photography contests are regularly being organized by the Community members while WPWP and Wikipedia PH Month are conducted through the initiative of the organization.
Four (4) subjects are known to at least seven (7) respondents: ESEAP, and WikiGap (47.6%); Wikipedia Asian Month (38.1%); and Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom (33.3%).
The seven (7) less popular Wikimedia-related subjects among the respondents are: WikiProyekto (28.6%); 1Lib1Ref and Movement Strategy (23.8%); Global Council and Universal Code of Conduct (14.2%); Wikipedian in Residence (9.5%) and Knowledge Equity Fund (4.8%).

Question 3. What activities have you participated in the last 12 months? (Choose more than one option)[edit]

Among the listed activities, more respondents have joined in face-to-face meetings and in photography-related activities than in other activities normally participated by long-time Wikimedians.
Twelve (12) or more than half of the respondents joined a Meet up (61.9%) in the last 12 months. A majority of the respondents is based in Camarines Sur, a province in the Bicol region where Naga City serves as its hub. One of the in-person activities participated by a number of individuals was the Wikimania 2022 satellite event held in Naga City.
The other activities participated by 7 respondents or more are: Photography contest (47.6%); Organizational meeting, and Wiknic (42.9%); Editing contest, and Photo walk (38.1%); and Wikipedia anniversary celebration (33.3%).
Fewer respondents have actually participated compared last year in Community and organizational discussions, Mural painting, Virtual meeting and Offline editing sessions (28.6%).
Some respondents also joined in Project organizing, and Wikimania (23.8%); and Translation (19%); WikiProject collaboration (14.3%); Speaking engagement (9.5%); and Committee application (4.8%).

Question 4. Which type of activities will you be participating the most in the next 12 months?[edit]

(Choose only one option: Project implementation, Offline, Online, or Organizational activities)

The respondents were given 4 options to which they need to choose their priority. Respondents preferred to be online participants than being the organizer or facilitator.
Twelve (12) respondents answered they will be joining Online activities (51.7%) (wikiproject collaboration, editing and photo contests, etc.) than the other 3 options. This figure is higher than last year's which more respondents chose Offline activities instead.
This year, there are only four (5) respondents (from 13 respondents last year) who prefer to join Offline activities (23.8%) (photowalk, wiknic, mural painting, editing session, celebration, etc.) in the next 12 months.
Two (2) respondents each said they will be joining Organizational activities (9.5%) (advocacy, discussion, planning, virtual meeting, meet up, etc.) or Project implementation (9.5%) (facilitating, designing, mentoring, etc.) over the other options. There is a decline in participation in the organizational activities while project implementation remains the least preferred among the listed tasks (from 3 respondents last year to only 1 this year).

Question 5. Which of the following do you have in order to participate in these activities?[edit]

(Choose more the one option: Equipment, Experience, Leadership skills, Organizing skills, Passion, Technical skills, Time and resources)

Community members said they have the Experience, Passion and Technical skills to be able to participate in the activities. Equipment, Organizing and Leadership skills are some of the factors which affect their capacity as a group.

Among the options, Experience (66.7%) received the highest response followed by Passion (47.6%), and Technical skills (42.9%). It is interesting to note that Experience got a higher response than Passion this time. The latter had 63.3% in the 2021 community engagement survey while there is a slight 6.7% increase in the former.
Of the skills and other requirements listed in the options, the individuals surveyed lack Equipment and Organizing skills (33.3%), and Time and resources (23.8%) a drop of almost 30% compared in the 2021 survey.
Leadership skills (19%) received the lowest response as with last year's at 20%.

Question 6. Which of the following Committee do you want to be part of?[edit]

(Choose only one option: Advocacy, Diversity, Education, Outreach or GLAM Committee)

Given 5 options to which the respondents have to choose their priority, Education and Outreach Committees received the highest response while GLAM and Diversity Committees had the lowest.

Education Committee (28.6%) (engagement in the promotion of free, responsibly open-content resources and reference materials in the academe) or Outreach Committeee (28.6%) (engagement of community members in online and offline activities) was prioritzed by twelve (12) respondents.

Majority of the respondents comprise of teachers and employees in a higher educational institution which explains their interest to prioritize Education and Outreach programs.

Advocacy Committee (19%) (engagement in the promotion of free knowledge using different platforms) was rated as a priority by four (4) respondents, GLAM Committee (14.3%) (engagement with galleries, libraries, archives and museums for collaborations) by three (3) respondents, and Diversity Committee (9.5%) (engage diverse participation to address gender and knowledge gaps) was the least priority by only two (2) respondents.

The Community has bridged the gender gap and has established partnership with a GLAM institution which explains why the respondents marked these Committees the least priority.

2023 Annual Plan[edit]

The Community will come up with 2023 Annual Plan for immediate implementation.

Other reports[edit]