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Wikimedia Polska, in cooperation with Helion SA, has published the Polish Wikipedia on DVD. The publication strictly follows the GNU FDL license and is available in shops all over Poland for a price of 39 PLN.

The profit from the DVD sales will be distributed between Wikimedia Polska, Wikimedia Foundation and Helion SA.

We believe that the resulting DVD will be a new method of spreading of free knowledge, complementary, but not competitive with the mother Wikipedia. The side effect of our work is going to be some improvement of the quality of Wikipedia, as we are going to "give back" checked articles to the parent project, unless it breaks the rules of Wikipedia.

Preparation of DVD[edit]

Article checking[edit]

DVD contenf 13 paid Wikipedia contributors who were supported by around 20 volunteers. Their task was to check all articles using a separate wiki with a Wikipedia dump from 4 June 2006.

We had created a wiki fork of pl-Wikipedia Wiki with access restricted to registered users only. 13 people chosen both by Polish Wikimedia Chapter and Helion were paid by Helion to clean-up the 130 000 articles. Theoretically, we had 100 days to complete the job, so every paid contributor was expected to check 100 articles per day. Their task was to remove all obvious mistakes, remove obvious bias and correct spelling, grammar and formatting of the articles.

Dark area is a gap between what should be done and what is really done at the moment. "Dzień prac" means days of work, "procent haseł" means % of checked articles

After 50 days (2006-09-03) it appeared that 100 articles per day was too much for a person to check. We were around 10 days behind the schedule, but this was partly due to vacation time and some problems with the server (see the chart). In autumn 2006 the work was speeded up, and finally it was finished on December 2006, just several days after the theoretical deadline.

Polish Wikipedia had 250 000+ articles on 4 June 2006, but 120 000 of them did not require the checkup, as:

  • they were bot-generated, or
  • the only contributors were people from so called "white-list" of trusted Wikipedia contributors - don't ask how we created this list, as we had decided to keep it secret for the good of the community.

The work was organised in such a way:

  • The articles were listed in 225 packs sorted by categories
  • The contributors had taken the articles they wanted to check by removing them from lists and putting them in their own subpages
  • Everyday a bot was checking the number of articles which were "taken" and checked, and this sent the statistics to all contributors.
  • We checked the quality of the contributors' work - and if their work was not good enough, we suggested to them (by individual e-mails) how their work could be improved.

The final product preparation[edit]

The final product contains all the selected and checked articles with scaled down illustrations. It was prepared from wiki database as a set of html files - one file for one article + html files for image descriptions. It contains 239 000 articles and 59 000 pictures.

The main user interface is a browser called WikiMiner, written by Olaf. It is an standalone Java application. It is a search machine, which sends the list of articles or just articles to the default user webbrowser. Therefore, the DVD works on any operating system on which one can install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ver. 1.5 or higher. It is also possible to use this DVD without Java - just by browsing the alphabetical list of articles or using categories.

The final product preparation was finished on 20 January 2007. The final DVD ISO file takes around 8 GB. The date of release of the first official edition of the DVD is planned for the end of April 2007, but this date may still be changed.

The DVD was released at the end of July, 2007 [1].


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