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Programa Catalisador do Brasil/Planejamento 2012-2013/Parcerias/Ação Educativa/Proposal/Governance

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Project governance[edit]

As the result of the partnership between Ação Educativa and the catalysing program in Brazil, this project will be considered in Ação Educativa's governance structure as a special project, following particular management practices that may differ from Ação Educativa's own projects, still keeping the principles of transparency, legality, impartiality, ethics, openess and efficiency.

The partnership is limited to the activities described in this project and does not make Ação Educativa legally responsible for Wikimedia actions in the country nor for Wikipedia contents.

As it’s been presented in Ação Educativa’s Background section, one of the organization’s expertise is in multi stakeholder governance on various projects. Usually, however, this governance implies a committee, with representatives from various organizations which lead the project.

In discussions with community members, it was considered a challenge that in the Brazilian Wikimedia’s movement there is no representation system in place. No one formally speaks on behalf of the movement as a whole or represent it. Wikimedians speak as volunteers, not as representatives. Considering this current picture, we have decided to bring community into discussions through Wiki, giving publicity in as many channels as possible to all actions being developed, but also to organize two national community meetings at Ação Educativa, bringing also other departments, their executive coordination members and partners, to discuss the development and continuity of the project.

Activities to maintain this governance model will include:

  • 2 annual meetings with the community, Ação Educativa staff, newcomers, board members, and WMF when possible.
    • WHEN: October 2013 and May, 2014
    • Methodology: publishing the agenda in advance, granting interested volunteers with flight tickets and accommodation to allow participation in person, streaming to allow participation online, with channels for participation such as IRC, and publication of reports on the meetup.
  • To give publicity to all steps and the results of the program in Meta-Wiki so that the community can monitor it and engage in it, sharing also information through as many channels as possible.
    • WHEN: from September 2013 to June 2014
    • Methodology: to update Brazil Program reports page regularly, share specific related information in their respective projects (when related to Wikipedia, share on WP Village Pump, when related to Wikisource, share on Wikisource village pump, and so on), use Correio da Wikipédia
  • To create a blog as an institutional interface with universities, schools, partners, and to distribute a monthly programme newsletter.
    • WHEN: from September 2013 to June 2014