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Programa Catalisador do Brasil/Planejamento 2012-2013/Parcerias/Ação Educativa/Proposal/Potential Partners

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Potential Partners





  • Professor Moacyr Campos Public High School
  • Professor Aroldo de Azevedo Public High School
  • Professor Milton Cruzeiro Public High School
  • Professor Uacury Ribeiro De Assis Bastos Public High School
  • Dona Esperança de Oliveira Saavedra Public High School
  • Armando Cridey Righetti Public Primary School
  • Jose Pedro Leite Cordeiro Public Primary School
  • Professor Fernando de Azevedo Public Primary School
  • Professor Adhemar Bolina Public High School
  • Bandeirantes College:
  • Dante Alighieri College:

Governments/Public administration institutions

  • São Paulo Municipal Department for Education: is signing a term of cooperation with Ação Educativa to, among other things, certificate Ação Educativa's courses
  • São Paulo Municipal Department for Human Rights: is also signing a term of cooperation with Ação Educativa to certificate Ação Educativa's courses
  • Est zone direction of São Paulo's State Department for Education
  • MEC - Education Ministry (interested to create new projects to teach the web to teachers and improve the use of web on the classroom)
  • SERPRO - Federal Data Processing Company (interested to sign a term of cooperation with Wikimedia to create and publish WikiBooks and other types of content)
  • Biblioteca Nacional - Brazil National Library (possible partnership for microgrants work on research over their archives and organizing meta data over their digital archives)
  • Hospitais Escola do Ministério da Saúde (Minister of Health) - through an informal partnership, professionals from Hospitals which are also schools for medicine students will be invited to edit articles related to the Medicine Wikiproject

NGOs and other associative groups

  • Open Educational Resources Community
  • ABONG: Brazilian Association of NGOs