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The following request for comments is closed. Community agrees by unanimous decision that BAICAN XXX have to be blocked at ro.wikinews in order to protect the wiki. Measures according to this resolution have been already implemented by Infinite0694.--Syum90 (talk) 10:07, 15 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Initially copied from User_talk:Syum90#Block_request to Wikimedia Forum#Block request for BAICAN XXX at ro.wikinews by Syum90. Discussion continues here since it seems to be a more appropriate place for such things. I also considered the poor feedback there, regarding any decision. --Wintereu 12:12, 16 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]


Hi. I noticed you had some admin activity at ro.wikinews and that you're still active. At ro.wikinews we have a user that is causing us serious troubles. There are indeed 2 admins, but one of them (Ionutzmovie) retired (at least temporary) from ro.wikipedia and hasn't been active on ro.wikinews since 8.10.2015. The other one (MSClaudiu, also a bureaucrat) hasn't been active since 17.06.2015. I tried to contact him, but haven't received any reply. Therefore, since none of them is active, I decided to ask you to end this situation:

BAICAN XXX (see link), well-known user indefinitely blocked on ro.wikipedia and several other Romanian language projects and it.wikivoyage (for one year due to personal attacks) with many clones used along the time (see here, Clone cunoscute ale lui BAICAN XXX - Known clones of user BAICAN XXX), has already been blocked and warned several times on ro.wikinews (see here). Still, he continue in the very same manner that led to his account being blocked. His destructive edits include, but are not limited to: copyright violations, personal attacks, refusal to accept consensus (such as the one regarding the articles to be verified before being published, in almost the same manner as en.wikinews), deletion of the delete templates, creation of pages unrelated to ro.wikinews that contain personal beliefs and/or criticisms regarding other projects. After another set of warnings, including a final warning and only warning, and two other messages regarding personal attacks and acceptance of the consensus (both without any feedback), he (again) continues to act the same way. Therefore, time has come to put an end. Just for the record, his last block was for one month (see here).

Thank you for the time spent in reading this long message above. Hope you will consider in helping us out. Regards, Wintereu 16:29, 10 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

If you need anything, like diffs or any sort of translations regarding the situation described, please let me know. Thanks again. --Wintereu 16:31, 10 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
@Wintereu: Mentioned diffs and comments by other local users would be helpful.--Syum90 (talk) 09:09, 11 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Warnings and notifications given to BAICAN XXX since last block[edit]

Below you will find a list of the warnings, notifications and other relevant messages given to BAICAN XXX since November 2015:

  1. Level 1 warning — given on 7.11.2015 for this edit on other user's comment. Împotrivă means against, although the comment made by user XXN was a simple question and nothing else.
  2. Notification given on 17.11.2015 regarding lack of sources for the articles created by this user.
  3. A second notification given on 22.11.2015 regarding lack of sources for another article this user created.
  4. Level 2 warning given on 2.12.2015 regarding the abusive deletion of the delete templates from several pages (see [1], [2], [3]).
  5. Notification given on 5.12.2015 regarding insults made to another user, using an IP address (see confirmation here).
  6. Level 3 warning given on 10.12.2015 for copyright violations regarding two articles created by the user.
  7. Level 4 warning (final warning) given on 28.12.2015 for abusive deletion of the delete templates within the following articles:
    • this article — proposed for deletion because it's not related to Wikinews and it's full of criticisms and insults against an administrator from ro.wikibooks.
    • this article — proposed for deletion because it's not a news (ro.wikinews has the very same criteria as en.wikinews).
    • this article — proposed for deletion due lack of neutral point of view and journalistic writing language.
  8. Level 4 warning (final warning similar to only warning) given on 2.01.2016 for:
    • another deletion of the delete template here
    • partial deletion of a previous warning given to him (see here) and again 23 minutes later (see here)
    • another deletion of the delete template here
    • deletion of the delete template here (deletion proposed for lack of neutral point of view and journalistic language style)
    • deletion of the delete template here (deletion proposed for lack of journalistic language style; article written almost entirely using quotes)
  9. Message in which I told this user about an article that he created using 3 different news from 3 different periods of time (imagine that). I also made a final request to stop adding the publicare template (the equivalent of publish template) before an article gets verified (according to consensus and criteria from our local tea house, which are the same as the ones from en.wikinews used to verify an article). I can give you lots of examples with this user adding the template before the articles get verified.
  10. Notification regarding other insults made by this user reffering to another user as a venetic patriot from the north (venetic is used in a pejorative way to describe a person who lives in a foreign country and considered as a foreigner in the place he/she established). The notification was given on 7.01.2016.

--Wintereu 00:48, 12 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

It is also relevant the following fact. For any of the warnings and other messages above there was no feedback, nothing. There is not even a single attempt this user has made to collaborate with others, nor to learn from his mistakes. --Wintereu 00:58, 12 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
I have summarised a couple of Baican's comments from Wikiștiri below:
  • „Ți-a adus Babel-ul lui Bourge, tu ar trebui să traduci fără greșeli mai degrabă din RUSĂ,... poate ai și rude în Rusia..”? (here)
Courtesy translation: “[They/you] have brought the Babel from Bourge, you should be able to translate without mistakes from RUSSIAN instead,… maybe you also have relatives in Russia?”
Context: Bourge is the old name of Voloh28, an account he doesn't have access to anymore. This fact was divulged early on in the discussions for granting Voloh28 administrator rights. Although other users and administrators confirmed that Voloh28 in fact is Bourge, Baican refused to accept this, calling him an "imposter" then moving on to invoking his nationality as a reason to doubt his aptitude as contributor and therefore administrator.

  • „asta-i grozav ca stil, 2 piloți mori dintr-o împușcătură, ...insurgenți turci în Siria..., i-a ucis pe unul din piloți, - off, unde ești tu Țepeș Doamne...” (here)
Courtesy translation: “this style is “terrific”, 2 pilots die in a single shot, …Turkish insurgents in Syria…, killed one of the pilots, - oh, where are you My Lord Țepeș…”
Context: the article referred to was hot off the presses – new information was coming in at a rapid pace and the article had to be updated. Instead of contributing to the article, Baican chose to make fun of the author – Voloh28 – using Țepeș (more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler) as a higher entity. The reasons for using Țepeș in this sense are many, however, the most probable are patriotic – Țepeș was a ruthless ruler who kept invaders at bay. Taking into consideration earlier comments of defamatory character stated by Baican towards Voloh28 (and other contributors), it could be interpreted as a derogatory comment towards Voloh28's nationality; a borderline racial slur.

  • „Hei, wikipediștilor care l-ați votat PENTRU, aveți dovada, un agramat nu se corectează, nici votat - nici corectat!” (here)
Courtesy translation: “Hey all you Wikipedians who voted FOR, here you have the proof, an ignorant person doesn't correct himself, neither when voted nor when corrected!”
Context: as mentioned before, Baican opposed granting Voloh28 administrator rights. He did some minor corrections to an article published by Voloh28 and chose to make fun of him in the summary, tacitly calling everyone who voted for Voloh28, idiots.

  • „Apropo, vezi că în lipsa ta de la Wikționar, un nou venit, gradat, are voie să fie gazdă în locul tău, salutând nou-veniții... și probabil va face (vai!... după capul lui) introducerea categoriilor neacceptate de tine acolo.” (here)
Courtesy translation: “By the way, notice that in light of your absence from Wiktionary, a new arrival, gradually, is allowed to be the host instead of you, welcoming new arrivals… and will probably (alas!... after his own head) introduce new categories which you don't accept”
Context: During a period of time, I was unable to participate as much as I used to in the Romanian Wiktionary project. But I never stopped monitoring it or other Romanian-speaking Wikipedia projects. Another user – which Baican has made fun of repeatedly on Wikiștiri – started welcoming new arrivals. Baican was blocked 5 times from participating in Romanian Wiktionary and he holds a grudge against me for blocking him.

  • „eliminat agramația din sintaxa lui Robbie SUEDIA din eticheta de ștergere” (here)
Courtesy translation: ”eliminated the ignorant syntax by Robbie SWEDEN from the delete template”
Context: after monitoring Baican's contributions during the autumn of 2015, I started to get concerned about the large amount of material published which violated copyright and the reoccurring lack of sources. Sometimes he didn't even bother to translate the article, just published it in German (see here). After contacting Ionutzmovie, I was advised to add the copyvio and delete template to every article suspected of breaking rules and regulations. This didn't, however, prohibit Baican from deleting these templates, starting an editing war, not only with me but with every other user who added the template.

  • „Robbie swe a lăsat baltă de câteva zile Wikționarul wikipedic pentru a încerca să tulbure rapid și bine apele aici la Wikiștiri. Nu mă interesează cine l-a trimis pe Robbie în misiune, dar el nu este omul bine nimerit pentru a upta contra așa-ziselor articole copyviolate. Pentru că peste jumătate din toate contribuțiile lui Robbie SWE de la ro.wikționar, zeci și zeci de mii adică, are definițiile copiate literal (chiar) din DEX, DN de neologisme românești. După ce el va înlătura toate copy-violurile sale de acolo ar putea eventual să se dea aici la Wikiștiri drept mare cenzor politic al celor câteva articole apărute.” (here)
Courtesy translation: “Robbie swe has for a couple of days now, abandoned the wikipedic Wiktionary in order to try to mess things up quicker and better here at Wikinews. I'm not interested who sent Robbie on this mission, but he is not the right guy to fight these so-called copyviolated articles. Because more than half of all of Robbie SWE's contributions at ro.wikționar, tens and tens of thousands, are definitions literally copied (actually) from DEX, the DN of Romanian neologisms. After he circumvents all of his copyviolations from there, he will be able to eventually come and make himself the great political censor of the few articles written here”
Context: as mentioned before, I was unable to participate as usual for a period of time. Baican is convinced that I am "hired" by some unknown entity or agency to inhibit his participation in these projects. His accusation, that I illegally copied articles from DEX, is not only ludicrous but completely insulting. The Romanian Wiktionary imported articles from DEX Online in accord with its administrators. The fact that DEX has a GNU and GPL license, and that we followed instructions, makes us no different from English Wiktionary which imported Webster's Dictionary, 1913. I explained this to Baican, but he has kept calling me a plagiarist, diminishing all my 61.000+ contributions, must of which have been manual.

  • „Lipsite de corectitudine politică: adică ridicând probleme legate de imigrația în Europa, de scandaluri economico-politice, articolele vizate de tine să fie șterse ar fi în afara CORECTULUI POLITIC? Eu am îndoieli în acest caz că tu înțelegi sensul respectivului termen.” (here)
Courtesy translation: “Without political correctness: that is to say, raising problems connected to immigration in Europe, economic and political scandals, the articles analysed by you to be deleted, that would be outside POLTICAL CORRECTNESS? I'm starting to have my doubts that you actually understand what that term means”
Context: Baican started adding a large number of biased articles, critical towards immigration, in light of the large influx of refugees from war-stricken areas in the Middle East and North Africa. He initially gave no sources, then started adding sources – after being prompted to by me – which were questionable (for instance news outlets from the German anti-Islamic political movement Pegida). These articles were not written objectively and provided readers with a distorted view of the refugee crisis. When copyvio and delete templates were added, I was accused of censuring the truth.

  • „Nefondate obiecții ale unui copiator al DEX-ului pe ro.Wikționar!..., mai găsești tu Robbie SWE din Suedia ceva păcăleli.” (here)
Courtesy translation: “Insubstantial objections of DEX copier on ro.Wikționar!..., you seem to manage to find hoaxes Robbie SWE from Sweden”
Context: Once again referring to my contributions to Romanian Wiktionary as plagiarisms – an accusation invoked in the summary of each revert. The pattern of referring to my nationality – a curious and reoccurring trait he has done to me and other users, culminating in the venetic patriot from the north comment mentioned above – has prompted me to suspect that Baican harbours strong intolerance towards users of other nationalities. I find racial intolerance completely unacceptable.

  • „Șicanare fără rost, Robbie SWE, o Franță întreagă deplânge atentatul și numărul mare de morți și tu te pretezi la gesturi neagreabile și nedemne cerând să fie șters un articol ce este scris și în memoria celor morți! Ție chiar nu ți-e un pic RUȘINE de ceea ce faci? Sau ești bine plătit pentru asta !..........Iar găselnița că o adresă are scris grancez în loc de francez este puerilă, așa a fost tipărită - așa funcționează, scrisă... doar pentru inteligenți, deci semidocții sunt excluși.” (here)
Courtesy translation: “Teasing without any reason, Robbie SWE, the whole country of France is in tears over the attack and the large number of casualties, and you indulge yourself in distasteful and undignified gestures, requiring this article, which was also written in the memory of those who died, to be deleted! You don't have an ounce of SHAME in what you do? Or are you well-paid for this!.......... While your little discovery that an address was written grancez instead of francez is infantile, that's how it was written, that's how it works, written… only for those intelligent, therefore half-learned are excluded”
Context: Baican published an article about the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th. Initially without sources and with speculative content not supported by the sources he eventually added later on. One of the sources was in its original state poorly written, leading me to mark it as unreliable. Accusing me of being shameless and a cretin was not only uncalled for, it also redirected attention from the subject at hand; a lack of procedure when it comes to source inclusion and credibility.

  • „sărman băiat, la Wikibook mi-ai șters toate Neologismele, aici vii cu aiurelile astea, cât ai avut la geografie? -” (here)
Courtesy translation: “poor boy, at Wikibook you deleted all my Neologisms, here you come with this nonsense, how were your grades in geography?”
Context: Baican is prolific when it comes to creating sockpuppets (see his user page here) and contributing anonymously. The comment above was directed to Bacria Andrei Catalin and pretty much exemplifies the tone he has had towards him throughout the year, instead of trying to help and guide this user to improve his/her contributions.

  • „Dar tu cine te crezi și te dai aici, că faci tot ce poți tu ca să faci Kaput acest site de Știri? Tu nu scrii/redactezi nicio știre, ci doar ai inventat un cod CENZURATOR ca să bagi bețe în roți acelora care activează aici cu adevărat aici, redactând știri. Scrie și tu știri, sau dacă nu, du-te de unde ai venit la cei ce te-au trimis la Wikiștiri și să trimeată pe altul mai bun la cenzură! Simplu!” (here)
Courtesy translation: ”But you, who do you think you are, because here you try to do everything you can do to make things ”kaput” on this news site? You don't write/edit any news, you only invented a CENSOR code so that you can put sticks in the wheels of those who are truly active here, those who edit news. Go and write news, and if you don't, go back to where you came from, to those who sent you here at Wikiștiri, and make them send someone who is better at censorship! It's simple!”
Context: Wintereu has only imposed rules and regulations already in full vigour in Wikiștiri and other Wikinews projects. Any user, who follows the rules, is allowed to participate however he or she sees fit and Wintereu has – as mentioned before, unlike what Baican has stated and maintains – evidently written an article, and more importantly, has kept law and order in a project currently without administrators. Telling a fellow colleague to "go back to where you came from" is a threat and should not be taken lightly.

Personal conclusion
Baican has been nominated for a global ban, but it didn't go through for some reason. He has shown a blatant disregard for rules and regulations, authority and other users. Not only has he been blocked from every major Romanian-speaking project, he has even been the subject of blocks and disputes in other projects as well:
  • Czech Wikipedia ([4]) – disputes over edits.
  • English Wiktionary ([5]) – a 6 month block for adding incorrect material and not following rules and regulations. I've monitored his contributions after the block was lifted and his behaviour has not improved.
  • English Wikipedia ([6]) – a 48-hour block for "rapid, contentious edits that editor refuses to discuss".
  • French Wikipedia ([7]) – adding an incomprehensible article which was deleted.
  • German Wiktionary ([8]) – reoccuring arguments with an administrator.
  • Hungarian Wikipedia ([9]) – disputes over content, and ignoring rules and regulations
  • Italian Wikivoyage ([10]) – permanent block for abusive comments.
  • Polish Wiktionary ([11]) – disputes over edits and refusal to follow rules.
  • Spanish Wiktionary ([12]) – arguments with other users and refusal to follow rules.
  • Spanish Wikipedia ([13]) – disregard of rules and regulations.
My point here is that his behaviour is not restricted to Romanian projects – it is the way Baican works in every project. What frustrates other users, is his refusal to participate in discussions and when he – seldomly – chooses to do so, he communicates in a language foreign to the administrators and users of the project.
I know that this discussion is about Wikiștiri, but as he stated above, and I quote "[…] I have enough to do on other Wikimedia projects in English, German, Polish and why not in Wiktionario in Spanish!", the problem is not going to stop. Are we, as administrators and users in Romanian Wikipedia projects, supposed to monitor his contributions across every project? It's a daunting task and I believe that it's going to drain already meagre resources.
I hope this brought some more clarity in this discussion and I truly apologise for this lengthy input. --Robbie SWE (talk) 16:00, 12 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

New derogatory remarks from BAICAN XXX (26/01/16)[edit]

  • „Eu stau și mă mir cu ce nonșalanță faci tu uz de verificabilitatea modului corect de scriere de la ro.Wikipediaǃ ... Doar dacă mă gândesc că pe acolo se mișcă în voie de vreo câteva luni bune un agramat ca userul Andrei Bacria, mă umflă râsul despre această verificabilitate, des invocată de tine, privind ro.W.” (here)
Courtesy translation: "I'm wondering, with what nonchalance you rely on the verifiability of the correct way of writing on ro.Wikipedia! ... Just when I start to think, that around there, for the last couple of months, the ignorant user Andrei Bacria has been lurking, I start to laugh at this verifiability, often invoked by you, in relation to ro.Wikipedia"
Context: I monitor Baican's edits on English Wiktionary and keeping up with his edits takes most of my time there (my contributions). He has a long history of incorrect translations, bad formatting, introducing protologisms as attested words and instigating edit wars – he has received warnings from other users and administrators, but to no avail. In reference to the comment above, he has once more targeted a user who isn't active on English Wiktionary and therefore unable to defend himself. He also denigrates Romanian Wikipedia in a completely unrelated project. Baican's main language of communication is Romanian and only recently German (N.B. on the English Wiktionary), excluding users from noticing his behaviour and understanding his insulting comments.

  • „Tu te dai mare atotștiutor dar situația ta se vede cam așa: tu asculți orbește de ordinele șefilor tăi de la serviciul de unde ești plătit acolo unde trăiești. Tu te ții de coada mea, peste tot unde scrie user BAICAN XXX, deși nu mă cunoști în nici un fel, ....mie mi-ar fi - sincer -, rușine să fac așa ceva, ce faci tu pe aici! Tu te dai mare că nu mai trăiești în România, ai scris peste tot că acum țara ta este SWEdia! Că ești tare mândru de asta se vede și din numele tău de user Wiki, ...... SWE, de parcă Robbie ROU ar fi fost prea nesuferit ptr. tine. Dar totuși ceva te obsedează legat de viața imigranților, astfel că nu vrei PUBLICAREA articolelor/știrilor despre ei! ...Da, da Robbie - tu rămâi, ceea ce ești! Nimic mai mult.” (here)
Courtesy translation: "You claim to be a great know-it-all, but your situation is as follows: you listen blindly to the orders from your bosses for whom you work for and are paid, there where you live. You keep following my tail, wherever the user BAICAN XXX writes, even though you don't know me in any way, ...I would be - honestly -, ashamed to do such a thing, what you are doing here! You boast that you no longer live in Romania, you have written everywhere that your country now is SWEden! That you are very proud about this is also apparent in your Wiki username, ...... SWE, because otherwise Robbie ROU would have been unbearable for you. And still, something obsesses you about the lives of immigrants; therefore you do not want the PUBLICATION of articles/news about them! ...Yes, yes Robbie - you remain who you are! Nothing more."
Context: The only thing I have done to the latest articles on Wikiștiri is to remove the publication template – I haven't deleted information, proposed articles for deletion or added any other template to them. I have only enforced the policy stipulated for the project – a policy which is self-evident in every Wikinews project. Taking it a step further, talking about my nationality – which by the way is completely unfounded, since I never talk about who I am and where I come from – is crossing the line. What Baican has done time and time again is nothing less than slander and it needs to stop. Nobody – regardless of their background or opinions – deserves comments like the one above. Drawing a conclusion from my username, is not only absurd, it is actually worrying. --Robbie SWE (talk) 16:49, 26 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]


Hellou, Syum90! I regret that we can not, we are not able to resolve the dispute themselves on what is published and what is not published on ro.Wikinews. I hope, you succeed at all to understand the exact situation at ro.Wikinews, Wikinews.

I write this in early 2015 after being blocked from other projects ro.Wiki. In 2015 I wrote about 70 news/articles to Wikinews, most in relation to other users, contributors, following news editor of me writing about about 12 news/articles, and 3rd place ... not much is none. And what me, in context, I find it very significant, one who reported me to you and ask you firmly blocking my user:Wintereu has not written/created any articles on Wikinews, he making only comments usually negative and obstructionist regarding articles written by me. I certify written here by next statistical table, undone me:

Thus, you may speak of that ro.Wikinews lived and worked - informing people in 2015, mostly through news redacted by me user:BAICAN XXX. But this does not matter, it seems, for a group of interest in user information belongs: Wintereu not want freedom of news, but news like censorship after their own interests. So my articles-news that unwanted group relatatat topics being published, the news came and stepped on red! I suppose, because I have reliable information about it that those two administrators from ro.Wikiştiri - Ionuţmovie and MS Claudiu did not want to work with Wintereu interest-group and the two ran away, and disappeared as administrators unactiving actually to Wikinews. It is somewhat comical and incomprehensible what would happen here by ro.Wikiştiri, if user:Wintereu blocked his BAICAN XXX, and so I will not be able to edit news !? Perhaps this - no longer news ro.Wikiştiri public - wants this user:Wintereu, which has not yet drawn any news! I do not go, however, inactivity, I have enough to do on other Wikimedia projects in English, German, Polish and why not in Wiktionario in Spanish!

  • Looking notification list presented here by the user:Wintereu ("Warnings and notifications Given to Baican XXX Since last block") can easily deduce that while I, BAICAN XXX, I wrote 70 articles/news ro.Wikinews - with and without errors, this user:Wintereu, who has not written any news, came to ro.wikinews to track and notify point by point what's in the news BAICAN XXX! This arises from the above list that I, BAICAN XXX, I made mistakes like crazy, while Wintereu (by post only, "Hunter mistakes") presents by the Meta as the correct user from ro.Wikinews, but - it must be said clearly and repeatedly - that has not yet written any news there.

Syum90, please proceed as you think is best and right for fair news readers, news editors and Wikimedia projects! Goodbye!

  • in Romanian

Hellou, Syum90! Eu regret că noi nu putem, nu suntem în stare să rezolvăm singuri disputa privind ce este publicabil și ce nu este publicabil la ro.Wikinews. Eu sper să reușești cât de cât să înțelegi exact situația de la ro.Wikinews, Wikiștiri.

Eu scriu aici de la începutul lui 2015, după ce am fost blocat la alte proiecte ro.Wiki. În anul 2015 am scris cam 70 de știri/articole la Wikiștiri, cele mai multe în raport cu ceilalți utilizatori-contribuitori, următorul redactor de știri de după mine scriind cam vreo 12 știri/articole, iar pe locul 3... nu prea mai este nimeni. Și ceea ce mie, în context, mi se pare foarte semnificativ, cel care m-a reclamat la tine și îți cere ție ferm blocarea mea, user:Wintereu, nu a scris/creat nici un articol la Wikiștiri, el făcând doar comentarii, de regulă negative și obstrucționiste privitor la articolele scrise de mine. Certific cele scrise aici prin tabelul statistic următor, nefăcut de mine: *

Astfel, s-ar pute vorbi de faptul că, ro.Wikinews a trăit și activat - informând oamenii în anul 2015, mai ales prin articolele create de mine, user:BAICAN XXX. Dar acest lucru nu contează, se pare, pentru un grup de interese în domeniul informațiilor de care aparține user:Wintereu care nu vrea libertate de știri, ci vrea cenzurarea știrilor după propriile interese. Și deci articolele-știri ale mele care au relatatat despre subiecte nedorite de grup a fi publicate, aceste știri au intrat sau călcat pe roșu! Eu presupun, căci nu am informații sigure despre asta, că cei 2 administratori de la ro.Wikiștiri - Ionuțmovie și MS Claudiu nu au vrut să colaboreze cu grupul-Wintereu de interese și cei doi au dat bir cu fugiții, nemaiactivând ca administratori și dispărând de fapt de la Wikiștiri. Este oarecum comic și de neînțeles ce se va întâmpla aici la ro.Wikiștiri dacă acest user:Wintereu cere blocarea lui BAICAN XXX, și deci eu nu voi mai putea redacta știri!? Poate tocmai asta, - să nu se mai publice știri la ro.Wikiștiri -, vrea acest user:Wintereu, care nu a redactat până acum nici o știre! Eu nu duc, oricum, lipsă de activitate, am destule de făcut pe alte proiecte Wikimedia în engleză, germană, polonă și de ce nu și la Wiktionario, în spaniolă!

  • Privind lista de notificări prezentată aici de către user:Wintereu ("Warnings and notifications given to BAICAN XXX since last block"), se poate ușor deduce că în timp ce eu, BAICAN XXX, am redactat 70 de articole/știri la ro.Wikinews - cu și fără erori, acest user:Wintereu, care nu a scris nici o știre, a venit la ro.wikinews pentru a urmări și notifica punct cu punct ce scrie în știri BAICAN XXX! Astfel apare din lista menționată, că eu, BAICAN XXX am făcut greșeli cu duiumul în ștrile redactate, în timp ce Wintereu (pe post de, doar, "vânător de greșeli") se prezintă la Meta ca fiind cel mai corect user de la ro.Wikinews, dar - asta trebuie spus clar și repetat -, care nu a redactat încă nici o știre acolo.

Pe tine, Syum90, te rog să procedezi cum crezi că este mai bine și corect pentru cititorii de știri corecte, redactorii de știri și pentru proiectele Wikimedia! S-auzim de bine! BAICAN XXX (discuție) 11 ianuarie 2016 16:13 (UTC)BAICAN XXX (talk) 16:29, 11 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Regarding the message above:
  • I actually wrote (in my limited spare time) an article (see here) that respects every single policy and guideline (which are the same as on en.wikinews) with no exceptions. The user BAICAN XXX lied saying I haven't written any article.
  • The quality of the most pages created by him vary from poor to worse. See my previous comment on this page.
  • "... I have reliable information about it that those two administrators from ro.Wikiştiri - Ionuţmovie and MS Claudiu did not want to work with Wintereu interest-group and the two ran away, and disappeared as administrators unactiving actually to Wikinews." — That's a blatant lie. There wasn't any communication between me and MSClaudiu, except for a recent e-mail I sent him, regarding his long-term absence from ro.wikinews. Also, the only time I spoke with Ionutzmovie about BAICAN XXX was on 19.09.2015, as you can see here. --Wintereu 02:01, 12 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

I activate on Romanian Wikipedia and Romanian Wikinews. I confirm that BAICANXXX makes problems on ro.Wikinews and should be blocked.--VolohD 03:48, 12 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Further more[edit]

Please also note the last message sent to me today by BAICAN XXX (verificări section):

"Dacă nu ai timp într-o oră, eu consider asta o încercare tendențioasă de a bloca funcționare ca un site de știri a Wikiștiri."

Courtesy translation:

If you don't have time in an hour, I'll consider this a tendentious attempt to block the project as a news site.

The message was sent after I removed the publish template due to the fact that the article in question (Chișinău: După neacceptarea lui Plahotniuc și retragerea desemnatului Păduraru, este numit Pavel Filip prim-ministru) was not verified yet. Also note from the article's history that BAICAN XXX already introduced that template on several occasions, although consensus is that every article should be verified first. --Wintereu 17:59, 15 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

After the ultimatum expired, this user reintroduced (against consensus) the publish template into the article for the 7th time. Any further warning given to him is pretty much useless now, since he already received two final warnings. I request Syum90 or any other user with similar rights to carefully analyse all the info given and take a decision. Thank you. --Wintereu 23:35, 15 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Update. Upon review, the article was tagged with copyvio template. --Wintereu 01:59, 16 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
For the 8th time within the same article, BAICAN XXX abusively introduced the publish template, though the article's review was negative. He also removed the template indicating copyvio problems. I urgently request Syum90 to make a decision. --Wintereu 07:08, 16 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
@Wintereu: Now the decision is not mine, I should wait for the community consensus here. When this RFC ends, I or another GS or steward will apply the decision of the community.--Syum90 (talk) 12:24, 18 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Please also note the personal attack from the article Suedia:Tânără lucrătoare asasinată de un migrant de 15 ani (see edit from 27 Jan 12:29 (EET)) made by this user, calling another editor an insinuating liar (mincinos insinuant). --Wintereu 09:21, 30 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]

  •  note Master account blocked indef and the BAICAN XXX‎'s socks indef.--Infinite0694 (Talk) 10:57, 14 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]


  • Support Support Block request for BAICAN XXX at ro.wikinews, as well as ban from there and from all of WMF. The evidence is compelling.   — Jeff G. ツ 18:18, 16 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support The problem represented by BAICAN XXX's contributions is that is very challenging and very difficult to sieve what is constructive and what is not, or what is accurate and what is not, and require a lot of efforts from other editors to verify his contributions. Eventhought, his intentions are good and he is very keen to contribute to all those project, he is incapable of sorting the information added. I have studied in details this particular case, considering that I am the admin who decided to block him unlimited on (talk) 17:19, 17 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support I confirm entirely what they say about Baican about me and are prefect agree that should be frozen.PS:It only baffled when I proposed to him definitively blocking the Wikibooks.--Bacria Andrei Catalin (talk) 17:44, 17 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support Having dealt with Baican in the past and still having to deal with his disruptive behaviour, edits and appalling attitude towards other users, I see no other way than to block him and I strongly urge the community to consider a global ban. I feel that the vast majority of cross-wiki administrators and users have been more than patient, but to no avail. --Robbie SWE (talk) 18:31, 17 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support Per above and as initiator of the request. Also, by using dozens of clones, including IP addresses, BAICAN XXX has proven to be far from any drop of good faith. His overall lack of any civilized feedback and intention to collaborate adds to the feeling he only do things his way, unwilling to listen, as seen on the many projects he was active on. Therefore, this user should be blocked from ro.wikinews and all of the WMF projects. --Wintereu 23:22, 18 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support I've given the guy the benefit of the doubt for longer than many, but he proved to be incorrigible – I still think he probably means well, but in practice it's absolutely impossible to work with him constructively. --Gutza (talk) 13:12, 19 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support Although I am not active on ro.wikinews, I use to visit frequently that project in search of information and documentation. As a current sysop of ro.wikipedia, I may say that all my colleagues have a very good knowledge of this user’s activity on other sister projects, since his disruptive behavior and inappropriate contributions have been reported many times to our local Village pump. Obviously, we have no influence over ro.wikinews, but I think that we should support the present meta-wiki request. --Pafsanias (talk) 13:54, 22 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support per above.--Infinite0694 (Talk) 14:36, 23 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support This guy has been a permanent problem at ro.wikipedia since 2010 when he registered until 2014 when he was banned. As a sysop supervising recent changes I soon noticed his disruptive editing and frequent use of sockpuppets. Now he is inflicting damage on other wiki projects. A global ban is necessary. -- Victor Blacus (talk) 17:28, 24 January 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support Baican is prodigious and enthusiastic, but utterly incompetent to contribute in a useful manner. For every useful edit he makes there's always a questionable one waiting 'round the corner. Last year I reverted some nonsensical changes he'd made to Wikidata (link). I didn't have the courage to systematically check his edits there. Especially small Wiki-projects are at high risk, because there is no one to stop him. He's also a prodigious sock puppeteer. His edits are a cross-wiki problem which in most cases can't be solved efficiently at the local level. --Dan Mihai Pitea (talk) 00:01, 2 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support Support Seems BAICAN is a global harraser which deserves a global Wikimedia ban- the evidence and comments above prove it.-- 13:22, 12 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]