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21:54, 10 December 2015 (UTC)
Duration:  2015-October – 2016-January
This page documents a completed research project.

Prototype of a new interface for supporting content translation campaigns with the content translation tool.

User studies with Wikipedia editors who participate in and organize translation campaigns.

Content Translation can be useful for participants and organisers of translation campaigns. In the past we validated the idea of using the translation dashboard to surface suggestions and allow users to keep and discard some of those as well as creating their own lists. Now, we want to focus managing those campaigns for participants and organisers.


The basic goal for the current set of design ideas is to support users to participate in many campaigns and track their progress. More specific goals and research questions:

  • Campaign exploration at scale. Users can participate in many different campaigns over time. The current designs try to provide a balance between allowing users to explore the campaigns they joined and discovering new ones through the suggestions list. Some of the questions we want to figure out:
  • Is it clear for users the distinction between the personal lists area (e.g., the campaigns they joined) and the suggestions area?
  • Is it clear that joining suggested campaigns, adds them to the personal area?
  • Can users explore the different campaigns they joined and their items to translate?
  • Can users find active campaigns and participate in them?
  • Can users control which kind of articles and campaigns they get?
  • Campaign tracking. Campaign organisers need to track the evolution of their campaign, know whether they are getting the expected results, and coordinate with the people involved. Some of the questions we want to figure out:
  • Can organisers easily access the tracking view for campaigns?
  • Which are the key pieces of information they need to have a clear picture of the status of the campaign?
  • Are the proposed pieces of information perceived as useful in the way they are presented?



  • December 2015 - January 2016: Recruit and perform user studies on the this prototype; analyze and report findings.


The results of user study sessions with 5 editors are presented in this slide deck.

Summary of study findings.
Public videos