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From doing an analysis of user edit histories, we should be able to identify “profiles”. Once profiles have been identified it would be interesting to look at what happens when users of different profiles interact, particularly when those interactions lead to one (or both) commencing a “wiki break” soon after – that is, an interaction with a high risk of resultant editor attrition.

Activity-based profiling[edit]

This would be profiling based on the nature and location of edits, rather than sex (although looking at levels of male/female self-identification within the resultant profiles would interesting). The underlying research question is whether there are certain profiles which are disproportionately likely to be linked to editor attribution (either because they are more likely to drop out, or because they are more likely to cause drop out). Or, in more pejorative terms, who are the bullies and who are the bullied? And can we edit patterns of edits to indicate that problematic interactions are occurring between two editors (ones likely to lead to loss of one or both editors) to enable intervention?

Support needed[edit]

  • someone to gather data from labsDB

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