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This page documents a proposed research project.
Information may be incomplete and may change before the project starts.

The scholarly researchers studying Wikimedia projects[1][2], analysts at the Wikimedia Foundation[3][4][5], and members of Wikimedia communities[6][7] all have a shared interest in answering questions about Wikimedia projects using public datasets. Such efforts are often plagued by missed opportunities to share code, data and analysis techniques. This idea proposal lays out a two part strategy for enabling better collaboration around wiki research:

  1. provide technical infrastructure for accessing, sharing and discussing data
  2. organize regular in-person and virtual data hacker meetups

Labs2 (L2) is so named due to its similarity to Wikimedia Labs, a set of technical and coordination resources for MediaWiki developers as well as bot/tool developers. Whereas Wikimedia Labs aims to support developers with infrastructure, Labs2 aims to support data analysts with infrastructure (potentially on top of Wikimedia Labs itself) and regular hacker meetups.

Support needed[edit]

  • Researchers Done
  • Wikipedians Doing...
  • Developers Doing...
  • Server resources - Done See Labs

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  2. The Research Index on meta
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  4. User Metrics system for cohort analysis
  5. Wikimedia Summer of Research, a WMF sponsored collection of analyses exploring newcomer retention in Wikipedia
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