Research:Modeling undisclosed paid editors

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16:36, 22 May 2020 (UTC)
Francesca Spezzano
Nikesh Joshi
Duration:  2020-05 – ??

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We seek to build an automated system for detecting sock puppets accounts related to undisclosed paid editing (UPE) in Wikipedia. In past work, we used metadata signals to track UPE activity[1]. In this study, we'll extend that work with linguistic features using deleted content of UPE activity.


We plan to compute a set of features describing how these accounts are behaving on Wikipedia. Examples of these features are average size of edits, average time between edits, and percentage of edits per Wikipedia namespace (e.g., Talk or User pages). Also, we will consider linguistic features that can be extracted from content of Wikipedian contributions that measure, for instance, the sentiment level of this text, or use of pronouns, punctuation, and specific keywords. Of course, in order to accurately compute these features, we need to access to the whole edit history of the considered accounts, hence we need to include deleted edits in the computation.


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  1. Joshi, N., Spezzano, F., Green, M., & Hill, E. (2020, April). Detecting Undisclosed Paid Editing in Wikipedia. In Proceedings of The Web Conference 2020 (pp. 2899-2905).