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The organisation team

Name Photo Resume
1 Avdulova Daria Project Manager, Skolkovo Open University, Head of Skolkovo Mentor Schools
2 Borisov Nikolay Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Nizhegorod University Lobachevsky, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International School of Informatics
3 Bryksina Olga Head. Department of ICT in Education Samara State Socio-Pedagogical University (Samara), Ph.D. ped. Sci., Associate Professor, Head of MS Center "Your course. IT for young people", Certified Google Teacher
4 Fedoseev Alexey Head of the Junior Direction, Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia), Deputy Head of the NTI "Kruzhkovoy Movement" working group
5 Frolov Pavel Producer of AO ROBBO, a member of the Association of the NTI Circle Movement
6 Gothskaya Irina Professor, Department of Computer Technologies and E-Learning, A.I. Herzen, Dr. ped. sciences
7 Kartashova Alexandra Head of Innovation Development Service, Association NP KITPK (Innokam)
8 Kerbush Reda Wikimedia community
Wikimedia Algeria
Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group
Wiki Indaba Steering Committee
9 Kiryukhin Vladimir Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Member of the IOI International Committee
10 Komarov Igor Plenipotentiary Representative, International Academy of Social Development (IDLR) and the Federal Certification Center (FSC)
11 Komissarov Andrey Works at the University of Scientific and Technical Information
12 Kovalev Vadim Znanika
13 Krivozubov Pavel Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology Cluster
14 Lvova Ekaterina Head of the Methodological Department of AO ROBBO
15 Melnikov Sergey General Director of LLC "EICH DI TI"
16 Mikheeva Svetlana teacher of additional education, MBOU TO GCIR, Togliatti
17 Mikhnev Sergey Founder of the project "We program by playing", scientific and technical director of LLC NPP "New Educational Technologies" (LLC NPP "E-NOT"), coordinator of the Open Championship on game programming with the support of ASI.
18 Nikulin Konstantin Director of Optimist LLC, Kirov.
19 Ostanin Yakov Hands. project "Your course: IT for youth".
20 Patarakin Evgeny Coordinator of the competition Collab Challenge, leading researcher at the Institute of System Projects of the SJSC of Higher School of Education of Moscow State Pedagogical University, doctor of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor.
21 Pirog Tatyana Deputy director for the development of the NTI Olympiad profiles
22 Prudkovskaya Olga Association of technological circles members
23 Sablina Olga Lecturer, Chairman of the Central Committee, Volgodonsk Technical School of Information Technology, Business and Design named after V. Samarsky
24 Samylkina Nadezhda Professor, Department of Theory and Methods of Informatics Teaching, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Candidate ped. Sciences, Associate Professor
25 Savchenkova Mira MBO "Lyceum", Protvino, Moscow region, GBOU ASOU, Department of MTI and ICT
26 Savitsky Kirill Isp. Director Ltd. Trajectory of talent
27 Semavina Svetlana General Director of AO ROBBO.
28 Shalashny Sergey Igorevich ANO IT Planet Information Technologies Development Center, chairman of the board, chairman of the organizing committee of the IT Planet International Olympiad in the field of information technologies
29 Sikorskaya-Decanova Mariana Head of the methodological department of LLC "EIChI TI".
30 Tarakanova Elena Associate Professor of the Department of ICT in Education, Samara State Social-Pedagogical University (Samara), Ph.D. ped. Sciences, Associate Professor.
31 Tsvetkova Marina Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, Member of the Expert Council on General and Additional Education, Education Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, author of the ISIJ project
32 Volodina Ekaterina Technical Specialist, Reactor
33 Vostrikova Elena Methodist, Methodological Department, AO ROBBO, Cand. ped. Sciences, Certified Google Teacher, a member of the Association of the Circle Movement of the STI, winner of the All-Russian Competition of Mentors-2018
34 Yarmahov Boris Director of the School Direction of the National Society of Technologies in Education (NOTO), Cand. Philosophy sciences
35 Zavalina Polina World Bank Educational Program Coordinator
36 Zenina Maria organizer of the “IT-Planet” contest
37 Nasyrova Marina School of digital creativity "Kodabra"
38 Pangaeva Olga ANO Interregional Coordination Center for Competences "Ticket to the Future"

Regional Coordinators

Region Photo Name
1 Altai Republic Cherloyakov Semen Gennadyevich
2 Arkhangelsk region Rogova Olga Anatolyevna
3 Belgorod region Shkurkin Alexey Anatolyevich
4 Kaliningrad region Belykh Alexander Vladimirovich
5 Komi Republic Guseva Lyudmila Leonidovna
6 Kostroma region Kudryashov Maxim Evgenievich
7 Nenets Autonomous Okrug Korelskaya Elena Yuryevna
8 Novosibirsk region Cherkova Tamara Vladimirovna
9 Republic of Bashkortostan Nasyrova Marina Zinurovna
10 Republic of Crimea Burko Viktoriya Ivanovna
11 Republic of Tatarstan (Tatarstan) Gallyamova Endzhe Marsovna
12 Ryazan Oblast Lapkina Elena Vladimirovna
13 Sevastopol Gladkih Irina Yuryevna
14 St. Petersburg Ivanova Elena Gennadievna
15 Stavropol region Larina Tatyana Viktorovna
16 Tyumen region Petrov Alexey Mikhailovich
17 Ulyanovsk region Vasilyeva Elena Gennadievna
16 Voronezh region Degtyareva Elena Vyacheslavovna
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