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Sindhi-Azerbaijani Wiki Collaboration is a collaboration between Sindhi Wikipedia and Azerbaijani Wikipedia communities for Wikipedia Asian Month 2019. It aims to strengthen bonds between both the communities. As a part of this collaboration, Wikipedians of one language community will create the most important articles considered by the other language community.


Articles Requested by Azerbaijanis Community

  1. Gobustan Rock Art YesY
  2. Maiden Tower Baku YesY
  3. Shaki Khan Palace YesY
  4. Shirvanshahs Palace YesY
  5. Ateshgah Baku YesY
  6. Mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan YesY
  7. Azerbaijan Carpet Museum YesY
  8. Uzeyir HajibeyovYesY
  9. Zeynalabdin Taghiyev YesY
  10. Independence Day (Azerbaijan) YesY
  11. Republic Day (Azerbaijan) YesY
  12. Kelaghayi YesY
  13. Azerbaijani balletYesY
  14. Azerbaijani languageYesY
  15. Azerbaijani manat YesY
  16. Baku YesY
  17. Leyli and Majnun (ballet) YesY
  18. Politics of Azerbaijan YesY
  19. Constitution of Azerbaijan YesY
  20. Azerbaijan–Pakistan relations YesY
  21. Leyli and Majnun (opera) YesY
  22. Book of Dede Korkut YesY


All above article were written for WAM 2019 edit-a-thon by JogiAsad, except Constitution of Azerbaijan which was created by Mehtab Ahmed for WAM 19, and Independence Day (Azerbaijan) which was created on October 18, 2019 by ArslanAli long before the WAM 2019,

The remaining following articles couldn't be accomplished in due time of WAM 2019, but I'll try my best to complete them steadily after WAM2019. --JogiAsad

  1. Oil Rocks TBA
  2. Bibi-Heybat Mosque TBA
  3. Göygöl National Park TBA
  4. Damjili Cave TBA
  5. Sattar Bahlulzade TBA
  6. Gara Garayev TBA
  7. Rashid Behbudov TBA
  8. Omar Eldarov TBA
  9. burning mountain TBA

Articles Requested by Sindhis Community

  1. Sindhu Kingdom YesY
  2. Raja Dahir YesY
  3. Debal YesY
  4. Bawarij YesY
  5. Jam Tamachi YesY
  6. Sachal Sarmast YesY
  7. Suhai Talpur YesY
  8. Nazo Dharejo YesY
  9. Khairpur YesY
  10. Khairpur District YesY
  11. Allan Fakir YesY
  12. Sindhi cuisine YesY
  13. Sindhi nationalism YesY
  14. Abida Parveen YesY
  15. Jinnah International Airport YesY
  16. G. M. Syed YesY
  17. Saadat Hasan Manto YesY
  18. Sindhi Cultural Day YesY
  19. Nader's Sindh Expedition YesY
  20. Afghanistan–Pakistan barrier YesY
  21. Kazakhstan–Pakistan relations YesY
  22. Iran–Pakistan relations YesY
  23. Suhaee Abro YesY
  24. Thari Mirwah YesY
  25. Suhrab Faqir YesY

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