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CURRENT Activities[edit]

Phase 2: Discovery for Lexicographical Data, as well as the Implementation of Wiki Mentor Africa

  • Product Discovery for Lexicographical Data: Definition of target groups, user interviews, analysis of user requirements etc.
  • Implementation of results from the Product Discovery

PAST Activities[edit]

Movement Consultations

We reached out to members of the community and affiliates to give us input on how we are going to structure this partnership and what needs to be considered in building such a partnership. We focused those consultations on the following topics and try to get input on:

  • Building hubs and sustainable software development partnerships
  • Mapping suitable groups or affiliates for the partnership
  • Aspects that need to be considered when making decisions on the partnership (language focus, experience with software development etc.)

If you want to give your perspective, please reach out to me or leave a comment on the link.

Phase 1: Finding Movement Partners and establishing infrastructure

  • Movement consultations for establishing the partnership
  • Establishing funding and communication infrastructure between the partners
  • Building a working relationship with the partners and taking time to have conversations to get to know each other and to listen and understand how we want to work together
  • Building common goals and tangible expected outcomes for the project: Both partners should determine the goals, outcomes and visions for the projects and the shared software development

PLANNED Activities[edit]

Phase 3: Connect to Wikidata and Wikibase and the World

  • Definition of the future of the collaboration
  • Create comprehensive documentation and a blueprint for future partnerships


Joint Statement in Regards to the Premature Conclusion of the Partnership Between WMID and WMDE

Dear Wikimedia Community,

We write to you today (2024/01/08) with a shared message from Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) and Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) regarding the premature conclusion of our partnership in the "Software Collaboration for Wikidata" project.

Initiated in July 2021, the project aimed to forge a new path for collaborative software development, specifically focusing on enhancing the capabilities of Wikidata for Lexicographical data. In June 2022, Wikimedia Indonesia joined as a project partner, aligning our aspirations to bolster the Wikidata communities.

Regrettably, we find ourselves in a situation where Wikimedia Indonesia has decided to withdraw from the collaboration, effective October 2023. This decision was not made lightly, and it comes as a result of an unresolvable disagreement between Wikimedia Indonesia and the initial software development team, actively engaged since June 2022, on site. Despite the best efforts by all parties involved, the divergence in perspectives and approaches has led to the challenging decision to end our joint efforts prematurely. We aim to assess the history of events and analyze what can be learned from this for future partnerships.

Looking ahead, we wish to assure the community that the software development team in Indonesia remains committed to continuing the valuable contributions and impact already achieved in the project. With the ongoing support of Wikimedia Deutschland, the software development team is determined to continue the work for Wikidata’s lexicographical data in order to benefit the Wikidata communities.

Wikimedia Deutschland is committed to the project goals and securing its infrastructure until the end of December 2024 and is already actively exploring opportunities to extend the project beyond that time frame.

Wikimedia Indonesia and Wikimedia Deutschland extend their sincere gratitude to the community for your patience, trust, and invaluable contributions. Your support is pivotal as we navigate this transition, and we remain dedicated to fostering a collaborative and innovative environment within the Wikimedia ecosystem.

Thank you for your understanding and continued partnership.


Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) and Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE)