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Software Collaboration for Wikidata/Open Call

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Open Call

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Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) is pleased to share the results of our recent Open Call for Software Contributions. This initiative, launched by WMDE and supported by the Arcadia Fund, aims to foster collaboration within the Wikimedia Movement by encouraging affiliates to develop innovative software solutions. The goal is to create tools—from mobile and desktop applications to websites and services—that not only benefit the Wikimedia community but potentially also have an impact beyond.

We are delighted by the enthusiastic response from the Wikidata community. The number and quality of submissions exceeded our expectations, showcasing a high level of creativity and technical expertise. It was particularly inspiring to see such diverse participation from various movement actors and community members, all dedicated to enhancing and advancing Wikidata. This overwhelming response highlights the community’s commitment to nurturing and growing Wikidata, and it demonstrates the wealth of ideas and potential within our movement.

Review Process


Due to the volume and quality of the submissions, our review process took longer than anticipated. WMDE evaluated each submission based on several criteria, including desirability, viability, feasibility, team composition, diversity and inclusion, maintenance requirements, and the value provided to both the Wikidata community and beyond. Additionally consideration of the level of institutional support and prior experience of the submitting individuals or organizations were taken into account. This comprehensive approach allows us to gain valuable insights into various setups and needs regarding international partnerships for software development.

Projects Funded


QuickStatements 3.0 by Wiki Movimento Brasil


This project aims to enhance the functionality, performance, and user experience of the QuickStatements platform. This enhancement seeks to incorporate new features, address existing issues, improve system stability, and ensure compatibility with the latest technologies and standards. Building on the solid foundation of the widely used and beloved tool, the goal of QuickStatemets 3.0 is to make it easier to maintain, contribute to, and improve through active community feedback.
Funds awarded: €55,331

Wikidata "One Click Info" Browser Extension


The team behind the project will create a web browser extension that will allow the user to get a quick summary about a topic based on data from Wikidata as they browse the web.
The freelance team working on this project is receiving fiscal sponsorship by the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group.
Funds awarded: €9,098



The exceptional submissions underscore an untapped potential within our community, one that we are eager to support and nurture further. WMDE is looking into possibilities to explore new ways to foster this engagement and support innovative contributions in the future. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and effort shown by all participants. Thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas and demonstrated such passion and dedication.

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