Stewards/Elections 2015/Statements/Avjoska

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The following discussion is closed: This election is closed and these pages are an archive of that event.


This candidate provided a proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.
Please note that the full page with votes can be found at Stewards/Elections 2015/Votes/Avjoska.
  • Languages: et-N, en-3, fiu-vro-2, ru-2, de-1, fi-1
  • Personal info: (English)
    • a link to my user account on Meta, and a link to a second active account that meets the prerequisites.
    • a list of languages I can read and write: et-N, en-3, fiu-vro-2, ru-2, de-1, fi-1
    • a short summary of my participation in the Wikimedia Foundation: admin on etwiki since April 2007.
  • Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2015/Questions#Avjoska