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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Outreach/Portuguese Wikipedia

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Portuguese Wikipedia

Communication channels[edit]


  • Village pump posts
  • Mass messages on users pages of all active editors with opt-out
  • Facebook post on group
  • Watch list message
  • Discuss with community possibility of a site notice with banner

Coordination with other tracks[edit]

Ongoing Outreach[edit]

09 March[edit]

10 March[edit]

14 March[edit]

17 March[edit]

21 March[edit]

  • Made a script to invite the 100 top editors in the last 30 days and sent these invites (minus the 10 top already sent)

23 March[edit]

  • Tried to do it by bot and decided to manually invite the 23 editors that made more than 5 edits in Wikibooks in the last 30 days

13 April[edit]

14 April[edit]

  • Asked to change the deadline and wording on the Watchlist-details message so that editors are more aware of the end of cycle 1

15 April[edit]

  • Announced the change of deadline and next steps on the strategy process

20 May[edit]

  • Announced translation of surveys onwiki
  • Sent email to Wikimedia Portugal mailing list
  • Announced surveys in Facebook