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Date and location[edit]

Algerian Strategy Salon 2019 participants
Algerian Strategy Salon 2019 participants

Oran , Algeria Saturday 2019; August 03 from 09:00 to 17:00

Participant List[edit]

  1. Mohammed Bachounda / Organizer
  2. Ismahene LEKHLIFI / Organizer
  3. Mokdad younes / Organizer
  4. Gharsellah Abdelhafid
  5. Gharsellah Abdelhafid / Student
  6. Aouab Omar
  7. Mustapha BRAHIM DJELLOUL ( Has also another account )
  8. Benloulou Mohamed Amine
  9. Amel Faiza Tandjaoui
  10. Souici Faiza
  11. Meliyani Rayan
  12. Mourtada Bachounda
  13. Walid Kechida
  14. BENNAMA Mekia
  15. Iza amel
  16. Araibia Mohammed Amine
  17. Fayçal Rezkallah

What happened[edit]

WikiDZ, the Algerian Wikimedia UG, had the opportunity to organize a strategic salon as part of the global strategic work launched by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2017. The salon was held on August 3, 2019 in the city of Oran with the collaboration of the Nomads Association, a local organization located in the Oran district. The salon started at 9:30 and ended at 14:00, the program focused on two thematic areas (judged as important by the Algerian community)

Bachounda Mohammed opened the salon with a short welcome. Amel Tanjaoui president of the Nomads gave a speech to present the activities of the Association of Algerian nomads, the event partner. After that, every participant was allocated 30 seconds to introduce themselves. The first half hour was dedicated to a three-parts presentation on the Foundation, WikiDZ UG and the Wikimedia 2030 Strategic process. After that, the participants were ready to discuss the two chosen themes, one hour and a half each, with a coffee break in between. The participants were very interested in the discussion. At 14:00, Bachounda announced the closing of the salon, and the participants were invited for a lunch in a restaurant near the headquarters of the association. After lunch, a small visit of Oran was organized for the participants coming from other cities such as Algiers, Setif, Sidi Bel Abbès, Mascara and Mostaganem.

Summary of the discussion points[edit]

By clicking at the link you can access the original summary in French

Partnerships Discussion[edit]


Succeeding in establishing successful partnerships requires for each entity, whether it is a regional users group,a thematic group or a chapter to :

  • Have a legal form for the entity.
  • Create regional associations.
  • Establish a periodic strategy.
  • Put an annual plan (for events - collaborations - goals).
  • Expand the community through volunteers.
Who are the potential partners?

Everywhere in the world, one needs to identify their potential partners. In Algeria for example:

  • Associations with the same goals
  • Educational and knowledge institutions.
  • G.L.A.M organizations.
  • Other entities interested in open knowledge.
  • State-owned companies.
Finding future partners

Any regional users group, thematic group, chapter or even a single person should establish a method for finding future partners. It is better to identify a single target, as it gives more chances to succeed. In Algeria one idea to focus about is the development of local content and find partners who has the means to help us do it. To do this, if a partner is involved, the regional users group, thematic group, chapter or even a single person must have the tools to evaluate and measure their potential partner.

How to develop a partnership ?
  • Identify the targeted themes
  • Define the needs of each project
  • Find volunteers to start partnerships.
  • Contact the organizations interested in different areas.
  • Collaborate with the science clubs at universities.
  • Target the right people.
  • Create, build a network of contacts (directory).
How to keep a partnership?
  • Develop a win-win relationship.
  • Set up a work schedule with the partner.
  • Find partners who have the same goals.
  • Find screen partners.
  • Enhance the partnership with the partner.
  • Renew partnerships.

Community Health Discussion[edit]

Welcome new contributors
  • Launch a program to welcome new contributors.
  • Create a hosting structure / system (New groups working on projects that just emerged from the incubator must quickly establish a structure to expand the community).
  • Organize online and offline meetings with new and old members to break the ice.
  • Maintain a constant relationship with new members by inviting them to different activities of the community.
Protect the new contributors.
  • We need to run surveys to measure, listen, examine and talk about the community and how healthy it is.
  • Through continuous training (workshop, editathon, presentations).
  • To motivate new users, you have to offer them what they enjoy.
  • Organize writing workshops.
  • Suggest to the partners to collaborate with newcomers.
  • Build a team through conflict management training.

Reflections from participants or partners[edit]

PDF arabic paper news in page 11

Despite the political events in Algeria and the risk of cancellation of this salon ; the community showed a great willingness to attend to this event; present members wished to discuss other topics. another association suggested organizing another one salon to address other strategic topics the president of Nomad our partner says that's the same preoccupations in the nomad's and want to uses many resolutions of the final strategic report.

Photographs or videos[edit]

More pictures can be found at commons:Category:Wikimedia Strategy Salon in Oran, Algeria 2019

Statement on your budget[edit]

We received CAD1 904,10 = USD1 429,53 the remaining funds are DZD44 462,51 = USD370,69