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Topics for Urdu Wikipedia can be found below. You can choose to create articles for the contest, from the lists provided below, based on your interest.

Global topics[edit]

Indian topics[edit]

Local topics[edit]

  • Up to 500 topics can be written for the contest based on specific locally relevant themes as determined by the local community organizers following local community discussion.
  1. Religions by Country (Abrahamic & Dharmic Religions).
  2. Notable Men & Women.
  3. Monarchs.
  4. Bilateral relations by country.
  5. Religious and Traditional Festivals.

Topics based on English Wikipedia readership[edit]

These are the English Wikipedia articles that receive the most number of readers from Urdu speaking regions. These topics are provided as two sections.

  • Thematic Topics - These topics fall under following categories: Women, Science and Technology, Arts and Literature, History and Geography, and Health.
  • Popular Topics - These topics are the mostly popularly read articles without filtering by categories.