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Methodological remark[edit]

Hi, thank you for the insights to the community. I'm not sure if I have taken the survey, at least I cannot remember the question “What areas of public policy are most important for Wikimedia?”. However, I do see an (incorrect) equation with regards to the answer about “access”. On the Figure 4, I read “knowledge should be freely accessible for everyone” while the summary says “By far, contributors think making knowledge accessible is a top public policy priority for the Wikimedia movement.” (my highlighting). Please clarify whether the response was “knowledge should be freely accessible” (result) or “knowledge should be made freely accessible” (process). It is, obviously, two different things when we talk about results or process. And I would also give different answers to these: I would agree to the first statement about the result but I would be neutral about the process. Besides seeing the good result, I see challenges when we as a movement make big efforts ourselves by, for example, putting pressure on others. By using “made” this could be implied here while the result leaves that open (result by itsel = eo ipso). Thanks for clarifications on this point! @RMaung (WMF): Best, —DerHexer (Talk) 12:15, 20 July 2020 (UTC)