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Non protected main pages

Hi fellows, there's a topic that I want to consult with you; there are many main pages without any kind of protection (not fully-protected and not semi-protected) on many small wikis, what do you think about that?, should we at least semi-protect these main pages?--Syum90 (talk) 12:43, 13 April 2016 (UTC)

If they are not vandalised frequently, I dont see a reason to do so. --MF-W 21:44, 13 April 2016 (UTC)
Thank you for your answer. Obviously I refer only to wikis without local admins, I think this clarification is not needed, but well. I consult this because I think it can take a time for us to see any vandalism on one of these pages.--Syum90 (talk) 06:42, 14 April 2016 (UTC)

Re: De-sysop of Liliana-60

It's quite late for a notice but this should be archived after all.

In late March I emergency de-sysopped Liliana-60, formerly known as Prince Kassad whom I supported in their candidacy. The reasoning behind that is a longer discussion among stewards about Liliana's behavior onwiki which included rough personal attacks as well as a severe mental instability. A new serious threat that was widely interpreted as a death threat (or very severe threat of harm) against a user and his family required immediate action to prevent possible harm from hundreds of wikis where Liliana hold advanced userrights. Stewards are empowered to act in emergency cases like this when user seem to have lost self-control, regardless of the standard procedures of the removal of global sysops as of actual abuse or lost of trust (which very likely had happened under these circumstances). Nevertheless, a short note should have been left on this page and elsewhere in public for immediate clarifications.

Matters were complicated further by the fact that some edits had to be removed from the wikis, revision-deleted or suppressed, which led to confusions of users without access to these on the correctness of the de-sysop and the real seriousness of the misbehavior. However, several stewards confirmed quickly that the action was appropriate under these cirumstances—of course, any action can be undone if proven wrong. The user was not immediately blocked or locked nor had her sysop rights on enwiktionary removed due to the rushed emergency situation but that case was reported by others to the Wikimedia Foundation and, due to the seriousness of the threat, also planned for legal actions. In April, the Wikimedia Foundation took consequences of this situation and effected a global ban which included a de-sysop on enwiktionary, backed on the last issue as well as previous incidents. I wish none of these had happened at all. Finally, I want to apologize if any of my actions led to misunderstandings. I simply wanted to act in the best possible way for the Wikimedia projects I have responsibilities for and I care much about. Best, —DerHexer (Talk) 23:47, 8 May 2016 (UTC)

Acción de un Global sysop en Nah.wikipedia

Lo mismo que aquí. Matiia (talk) 02:32, 13 May 2016 (UTC)
Hola, coincido plenamente con Matiia; por otra parte te recomiendo que informes sobre la apertura de la RFC en los cafés de es.wp y de nah.wp para obtener la máxima participación.--Syum90 (talk) 08:28, 13 May 2016 (UTC)