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The wikitext of this page is the regularly updated wikitext after combining the tables to one, for sorting, and removing toki pona (a former wikipedia which was not only made read-only, but also emptied, but which still has old statistics, "articles=239"). As a result one number (currently 168) is skipped, and the number of Wikipedias is one less than the largest rank number, currently 253 - 1 = 252. Of these, 4 are read-only, so there are 248 actual wikis.

Every row calls List of Wikipedias/sortable/lang (talk, backlinks, edit); see also List_of_Wikipedias/sortable/lang/doc.

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|- |4 |style="text-align:left"|Polish |style="text-align:left"|Slavic |style="text-align:left" |polski |pl |lif |class="plainlink"|443706 |752966 |10850954 |133 |154799 |17151

|154799 ([{{fullurl:pl:Special:Userlogin|uselang=en}} li], [{{fullurl:pl:Special:Userlogin|type=signup&uselang=en}} ca])

Wrong language name for !?[edit]

It says this is the persian wiki, but that should be

So I did some research...

So, please don't tell me this is Persian!? By the way, the table lists that Persian entry as "Tibeto-Burman" language family... well... Newari is Tibeto-Burman Could someone please verify this? -- Caliga

I fixed it here. The location of the error was somewhat obscure, and it seems to have been broken since 2007 (!) era 18:19, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

Double Name "Ilokano"[edit]

There are two wikis with the English name Ilokano listed. According to ISO 639, the second would better be named "Waray (Philippines)" -- Caliga

Fixed here. Thanks for the note.era 18:24, 25 September 2009 (UTC)


The table seems to be last updated in August 2010. Is there a way to set up automatic update of data? -- Sundar 02:19, 11 May 2011 (UTC)