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It is an absurd situation, when one boor named "user ПешСай " who does not know Mari language (has been studying it for only 2 years) does not accept any discussion or criticism, ideas or suggestions from collegues, who knows language from childhood and are being promoting it for many years, DECIDES to rule and dictate. Nobody among us have doubt that ПешСай as an activist and patriot has made very much for the development of Mari Wikipedia. Nobody!!! There are many comments on it in discussions (in Russian or Mari, unfortunately). But we cannot accept rudeness to us and primitive attitude to Mari language on behalf of him. Is it normal for Wikipedia administrator to behave as a boor?

About incrimination to Санюн Вадик of unauthorized use of IP: In my workplace there are 2 person are in Wiki. Our institution has only one IP for all workplaces. Санюн Вадик@mhr.wikipedia also works in place, where they use only one IP for hundreds of users. I know that there are about at least 10 Wikipedia activiststs.

And now about Санюн Вадик himself. He is the one of best moderators of the Mari El Radio. This Radio broadcasts in Mari language and has 10000-15000 listeners every day. Санюн Вадик has perfect skills in Mari. He was the first who rised against brutal violation of Mari language rules on behalf of ПешСай. How can we accept writing КОМПУЧЫР while there is accepted КОМПЬЮТЕР (see for “computer”), ЯМДЫЛЫК instead of КЫШКАР (same dictionary collection for “остов, костяк”) ((((and there are many other examples))). ПешСай brutally edites all of us accordingly to his understanding of Mari language. He violates one of the principal rules: to be free in opinion and to implement the right to help people to get information in own language. Now we initiated the company to involve students of our regional University to develope the Mari Wikipedia. How can we do that if they in reality use/study another Mari language then ПешСай dictates here?

Dear Stewards, the dicision is up to you. But you have to be aware of our opinion. Cseremisz Elian