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Empower(ment) is also a headache for me. Japanese has no complete equivalent for this word - fully preserving its connotation, I mean. Sometimes its transliteration is even used. But it wouldn't be the way Chinese translators may want to take.

Engage(ment) is rather better translated into Japanese, while it might still lose some connotation. For your information, "engage" is even a part of Japanese common vocabulary even in its limited usage - its transliteration is used as a synonym of 婚約, promise to marriage. In its more common usage it would be appropriate to translate "従事" or "携わる". The word "engagement" may overlap "commitment", I think personally, the latter is also frequently used in its transliteration in the modern Japanese.

Hope it helps you to find the best fitting translations. --Aphaia 01:24, 5 November 2007 (UTC)