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O.k., so what shall we start. There are different ideas concerning education and child education and we can concentrate to collect them and place them to a big something organized in a Wiki. The stuff we can try to join are (since now):

  • Wikikids or something like that as a childs encyclopedia + Wikijunior as a printed information collection
  • language training in some kind of Wiktionary (as a dictionary) and Wikibooks (to collect a lesson-based system) and Wiki Language School
  • communication training in discussions, language connection via IP-phones etc.
  • political training in some sort of Wikinews
  • training in a critical view on News and Information
  • ...

I think we need a concept to join all this ideas. There are a lot of perpectives using such a concept in the communication with politics, schools and teachers to get their assistance and maybe an official funding (EU education fund ?) to create and run that system. Greetings from Berlin -- Necrophorus 16:45, 14 Jan 2005 (UTC)