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Proposed activities[edit]

Exploration of Open Access Policy at the African Union[edit]

This project aims to pro-actively support African governments at a continental level to open up their collective practices and content. To present a unified front of major players to encourage a new way of thinking about cultural heritage, collective knowledge, national education and publicly funded information. The project will initially conduct a feasibility study into the viability and structure of an ongoing proactive, support person or group that can present an alternative position in ongoing policy debates in the African Union and help create a solid foundation for the free sharing of knowledge across the continent. The project will gather and present reliably sourced information and proposed legislation that would allow works to be re-used on open knowledge projects including Wikimedia, protect the freedom to take pictures of monuments and buildings, and enable citizens to have easier access to knowledge paid for by government taxes, and access to their governments' documents.


  • April 2018: Discussions opened again and strategy formulated after Creative Commons Summit 2018 in Toronto and Wikimedia Conference 2018 Berlin.
  • 2017: Grant application unsuccessful.

Research focus on Gaps in knowledge and community[edit]

Status: proposed programme

A deep dive research project into the content gaps on Wikipedia that relate to Africa. The research will explore the structural elements that affect these content gaps, such as citable sources, closed journals, access to knowledge and academic writing, as well as the less tangible elements such as access to technology, data and power, intellectual confidence, cultural or religious concerns, postcolonial discourse, etc. The research will build a better understanding around engagement and prioritise focus areas.

Community visibility, seeding and development[edit]

Status: proposed programme

Wikipedia Dinners and Kumusha Bus are two methods by which Wiki In Africa will develop the visibility of Wikipedia, and help to seed new communities across the continent.

Research: Wikipedia Open Education Resources[edit]

Status: proposed programme