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Mapping for Ukrainian/Ukraine[edit]

Hi @Marcmiquel: and thank you for your work on this project. It was a pleasure to meet you at Wikimania, and as discussed, here are changes I would suggest for Ukrainian language and Ukraine:

  • Ethnically Ukrainian:
    • Moldova: d:Q648767/d:Q907112 (29% Ukrainian, relative majority in some regions). Also significant (>20%) in d:Q12739241 (strange administrative region, might be hard to proceed, otherwise one item out of all of d:Q266444, d:Q753795, d:Q37801, d:Q611656)
    • Romania: I would suggest keeping just d:Q188813 (northern part is an ethnically Ukrainian region, Ukrainian majority in some places) and d:Q181209 (small part of the region is ethnically Ukrainian, while the majority is not). Other regions have just one or two Ukrainian villages
    • Belarus: d:Q173822 (part of the region is ethnically Ukrainian territory)
    • Poland: d:Q54175 (ethnically Ukrainian but the majority of population was relocated, strong history but limited community), d:Q54184 (where most of them were relocated, no history but significant community)
    • Slovakia: d:Q189001 (significant part of region is ethnically Ukrainian)
    • Russia: d:Q3680 (47% Ukrainian in 1920s but only 2% now). Historically and culturally Ukrainian but not significant anymore.
  • Diaspora (don't know if you count)
    • Canada: d:Q1948, d:Q1951, d:Q1989 (over 10% each). Ukrainian population is split between the three, might be worse putting just one item for all three.
    • Brazil: d:Q15499 (significant minority)

Not sure all of them will have enough notable articles. I would suggest adding them to the list only if they are above certain threshold (e.g. no more than 5 or 10 times worse than the worst item for Ukraine).

In addition, I would suggest adding the following minority languages for Ukraine:

  • Crimean Tatar: might add d:Q2638428 (Crimean Tatar recognised as minority language)
  • Bulgarian: should clearly have d:Q2002645 (literally means "Bulgarian town"), or even more broadly d:Q171852 (higher-level division with 7% Bulgarian), and can also include d:Q2216502 (13% Bulgarian)
  • Romanian: should have d:Q168856 (three subregions have Romanian/Moldovan majority), might have d:Q171852 (>5% Moldovan/Romanian, some villages with majority)
  • Albanian: might have d:Q2668368 (isolated Albanian-majority village) and d:Q2216502 (three Albanian villages in the area)
  • Gagauz: might add d:Q2002645 (Gagauz recognised as minority language) and two Gagauz-majority villages d:Q2629895 and d:Q2612115

Thanks — NickK (talk) 17:05, 2 August 2018 (UTC)

Mapping for Asturian[edit]

Hi @Marcmiquel:, I would suggest some changes related to Asturian language:

  • Asturian. ast. Q3946. Cantabria. ES. ES-CB
  • Asturian. ast. Q3934. Asturies. asturiano. ES. ES-AS
  • Asturian. ast. Q71140. LLión. leonés. ES. ES-LE
  • Asturian. ast. Q71113. Zamora. leonés. ES. ES-ZA

Thanks. --Rodelar (talk) 09:50, 23 November 2018 (UTC)


I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do here, why can't you use the CLDR language-territory and territory-language information, on which we already rely for UniversalLanguageSelector? Nemo 14:00, 28 February 2019 (UTC)